Bikefit Summer Night Series Race 1 (Time Trial)


On Tuesday evening Cuddon Cycling Marlborough started with the Bikefit Summer Night Series races, these will be held weekly over summer till early February. The series consists of individual time trials, road kermesses (points race format), and road races, in a rotating sequence. Separate point based overall classifications in different grades will be kept for the time trails and the road races. 1st up was a time trial on the familiar 16km out and back course along New Renwick road, with a good turnout of 16 riders despite the not ideal weather. Established time trial specialist Ray Dunstan did not disappoint and with 21m53s recorded the fastest time of the night, 20 seconds ahead of Josh Scott, another renown TT rider. Martin Fletcher and junior Niels van Antwerpen were separated by only 3 sec for 3rd and 4th place. Dylan Hodson had an excellent ride in 23m36s for 5th. Further down the field some more close times were recorded, showing the equal quality of the riders, and providing challenges for the coming events.



1. Ray Dunstan 16km in 21:53; 2. Josh Scott 22:13; 3. Martin Fletcher 23:11; 4. Niels van Antwerpen 23:14; 5. Dylan Hodson 23:36; 6. Brent Acroyd 24:03; 7. Shaun Woods 25:04; 8. Susan van der Pol 25:12; 9=. Rhonda Murphy 25:14; 9=. Chris Grammer 25:14; 11. Andrew Bidwell 25:22; 12. Sam Spencer 25:55; 13. Marie Peart 27:18; 14 Sophie Batt 28:23; 15. Bailey McKay 28:42; 16. Adam Bidwell 30:52; 17. Jessica Spencer 34:19

A pdf of the results can be found here:  Results - Bikefit Summer Night Series 3.11.15.pdf