Race Report - Bikefit Summer Night Series Race 2 (Kermesse)

On Tuesday evening Cuddon Cycling Marlborough the 2nd race in the Bikefit Summer Night Series was held on the Lower Wairau circuit. After the time trail of last week, this was the 1st kermesse style race, with the winner decided on the basis of points to be gained at each passing of the finish line. This different style of racing changes the race dynamics, with the riders being tested every lap.

The field of a total of 31 riders, split up over 4 grades, faced warm but windy conditions on the 7km long circuit. The NW wind resulted in a fast tailwind leg, and a headwind return along Swamp Rd to the finish line on Rowberry Rd.

In general bunches stayed together with sprints deciding the points. The A-grade saw the same 4 riders contesting the 1st 3 sprints with Ethan Batt get a good lead early on by winning the 1st 2, and the rest of the points spread over the other riders. Batt showed his supremacy by also winning the final sprint, in total he won by a margin of 5 points over Niels van Antwerpen who collected 14 pts, Shaun Woods finished 3rd with 10 pts Jeremey McKenzie in particular tried several times to break away and avoid the sprints, but the headwind leading up to the finish wasn’t favourable for this, allowing the field to get back together every time.

The B-grade had a biggest bunch of the night with 15 riders. Points got taken by 9 of them, with Greg Baunton coming out op top with 13 pts, 3 more than Callum Caughey with 10. Luc Cowley got 3rd with 8 pts.

In the C-grade Sam Spencer rode away on his own for the last 2 laps gaining maximum points, netting him the win with 16 pts, 5 ahead of Peter Mann on 11.


A-Grade (5 laps): 1.Ethen Batt, 19pts; 2. Niels van Antwerpen, 14; 3. Shaun Woods, 10; 4.

Josh Scott, 7; 5. Jeremy McKenzie, 3; 6. Gerard van Antwerpen, 2; 7 Brent Acroyd.

B-Grade (5 laps): 1. Greg Baunton, 13pts; 2, Callum Caughey, 10; 3 Luc Cowley, 8; 4 Glen

Herkt, 7; 5 Andrew Bidwell, 7; 6 Matt Wells, 6; 7 Mike Murphy, 3; 8 Dylan Hodson 2.

C-grade (4 laps): 1. Sam Spencer, 16pts, 2 Peter Mann, 11; 3 Graham Henderson, 5; Marie

Peart, 4; 5 Nathaniel Goza, 2.

D-Grade (2 laps): 1 Jessica Spencer, 10pts.


Full results table can be found here: Results - Bikefit Summer Night Series 10.11.15 (Kermesse).pdf