Bikefit Summer Night Series Race 5 - Kermesse

On Tuesday evening Cuddon Cycling Marlborough held the 5th race in the Bikefit Summer Night Series on the Lower Wairau circuit. This was the 2nd kermesse style race in the series, with the winner decided on the basis of points to be gained at each passing of the finish line.

Despite threatening rain the race on the 7km long circuit was well-attended with a total of 26 riders, split up over 4 grades.

In all grades the bunches held pretty much together, with only a few riders being dropped along the way, this resulted fierce sprinting towards the line along Rowberrys Rd.

The A-grade had only a small number of entries, still this didn’t mean an easy race with the pace held high between the mix of strong young junior and experienced older riders.

The points were divided over most riders, with an attentive Ethan Batt making sure he never missed out and got enough points to end on top. Batt collected a total of 20pts, well ahead of Niels and Gerard van Antwerpen, who both ended up on 12 pts. Niels took 2nd place ahead of his father as he placed better in the final sprint. Shaun Woods was only 1 pt behind on 11 pts giving him 4th place.

The 15 rider bunch in the B-grade saw a dominant Callum Caughey win all 5 sprints, with about half of the other riders getting placings for the remainder of the points. The end-tally showed Luc Cowley coming 2nd with 10 pts, and Greg Baunton 3rd on 8 pts.

In the C-grade Marie Peart collected points in all sprints getting a total of 18, resulting in the top placing in front of the Batt sisters Katie (2nd on 10 pts) and Sophie (3rd on 6 pts).


A-Grade (5 laps): 1, Ethan Batt 20pts; 2, Niels van Antwerpen 12pts; 3, Gerard van Antwerpen 12pts; 4, Shaun Woods 11pts; 5, Brent Ackroyd.

B-Grade (5 laps):1, Callum Caughey 25pts; 2, Luc Cowley 10pts; 3, Greg Baunton 8pts; 4, Sam Morgan 5pts; 5, Andrew Bidwell 3pts; 6, Dylan Hodson 2pts; 7, Nick Batt 1pts; 8, Matt Wells 1pts; 9, Ray Dunstan; 10, Paul Newman; 11, Glen Herkt; 12, Mike Murphy; 13, Sam Spencer; 14, Peter Mann; 15, Nick Blackeston.

C-grade (4 laps):1, Marie Peart 18pts; 2, Katie Batt 10pts; 3, Sophie Batt 6pts; 4, Darren Neilson 4pts; 5, Brittany Lucas 2pts; 6, Graeme Henderson.

D-Grade (3 laps): 1, Jess Spencer 15pts.

Full Results are available here: Results - Bikefit Summer Night Series 1-12-15 (Kermesse).pdf

A summary of the series points so far is available here: Bikefit Summer Night Series Overall Points table (1 December 2015).pdf