Bikefit Summer Night Series Race 8 (TT) Race Report

The Bikefit Summer Night Series races held by Cuddon Cycling Marlborough continued on Tuesday evening after a 3 week break for Christmas and New Year. 18 riders turned up for the 4th 16km time-trial in the series on the New Renwick Rd. course.

Nice warm summer conditions helped the riders record some excellent times. Virtually all riders managed personal bests for this Series, showing that they made good use of the break to put in some training.

Ray Dunstan, confirming once again his time trialling skills, was fastest overall with a good time of 20min 38 sec, followed by Nelson rider Glen Bussell just over a minute back on 21m44s. Veteran Martin Fletcher and junior Callum Caughey shared the 3rd place on 22m26s, both over 30 seconds faster than their usual times.

Brent Acroyd and Ben Verhoef were only separated by 2 seconds for 5th and 6th place. Further down the field another 2 couples were also only 2 sec apart; Andrew Bidwell beat Greg Baunton for 11th, while Kat Walker held of Sophie Batt for 14th.

Results: (16km) 1. Ray Dunstan, 20:38 (avg 46.5kmph); 2. Glen Bussell, 21:44; 3. Martin Fletcher, 22:26; 3. Callum Caughey, 22:26; 5. Brent Acroyd, 22:55; 6. Ben Verhoef, 22:57; 7. Dylan Hodson, 23:17; 8. Susan van der Pol, 23:52; 9. Rhonda Murphy, 24:26; 10. Sam Morgan, 24:41; 11. Andrew Bidwell, 24:51; 12. Greg Baunton, 24:53; 13. Marie Peart, 26:41; 14. Kat Walker, 27:01; 15. Sophie Battt, 27:03; 16. Dean Craighead, 27:25; 17. Adam Bidwell, 29:15; 18. Dennis Church, 31:57

Results table can be found here: Results - Bikefit Summer Night Series 12.1.16 (TT).pdf