Race Report: Bikefit Summer Night Series Race 9

Mitchell McKenzie-Mol proved a quick learner winning the 9th race of the Bikefit Summer Night Series on the Lower Wairau circuit, held Tuesday evening by Cuddon Cycling Marlborough. A total of 25 riders registered for the 4 different graded races on the 7km long circuit, in beautiful, relatively calm, summer weather conditions. A few riders got dropped in the races, but the sprints were in general contested in fast bunch sprints.

In his 1st time riding this type of race, Mol took out the A-grade Kermesse by a margin of 6 points to Gerard van Antwerpen. The 8 rider strong field kept up a high pace, with the 35km race only taking just over 50 minutes. Mol collected maximum points in the first 4 of the total of 5 sprints, attaining an unsurmountable lead and allowing him to relax for the last sprint. Van Antwerpen managed to gain points in all the sprints, but only winning the last one, getting a total of 14 points. Sean O’Neil only missed out on points in 1 of the sprints, for a total of 10 and 3rd overall placing.

In 10 rider bunch in the B-grade saw the junior riders dominate over the older ones, Niels van Antwerpen won 3 sprints, and got a further 3rd and 4th place for a total of 18pts. Callum Caughey was 3 pts behind on 15, and Greg Baunton just beat Sam Morgan for 3rd place by 1 point.

In the C-grade it was Marie Peart, after doing well in the previous races, to win again with 18 pts, 5 ahead of Adam Bidwell. Bruce Moran got 3rd with 7pts.

D-grade saw Jacob Crossley win the last furious sprint enough to get the lead over Laughlan Hall by 2 pts., Jess Spencer was 3rd.


A-Grade (5 laps):. 1, Mitchell Mol 20pts; 2, Gerard van Antwerpen 14pts; 3, Sean O'Neil 10pts; 4, Luc Cowley 6pts; 5, Craig Harper 3pts; 6, Josh Scott 1pts; 7, Dylan Vile 1pts; 8, Brent Ackroyd;

B-Grade (5 laps): 1, Niels van Antwerpen 18pts; 2, Callum Caughey 15pts; 3, Greg Baunton 10pts; 4, Sam Morgan 9pts; 5, Andrew Bidwell 4pts; 6, Dylan Hodson 3pts; 7, Mike Murphys; 8, Susan van der Pol ; 9, Sam Spencer ; 10, Merrick Thompson;

C-grade (4 laps): 1, Marie Peart 18pts; 2, Adam Bidwell 13pts; 3, Bruce Moran 7pts; 4, Graeme Henderson 5pts;

D-Grade (3 laps): 1, Jacob Crossley 13pts; 2, Lauchlan Hall 11pts; 3, Jess Spencer 6pts;

Full Results available here: Results - Bikefit Summer Night Series 19.1.16 (Kermesse).pdf