Nelson Marlborough Centre Championships 19-20th March 2016

The Nelson – Marlborough 2016 Cycling Centre Championships were held over the weekend, with the time trials on Saturday around the Heslington circuit at Brightwater and the road races on Sunday on the Gardner Valley Rd circuit at Mahana. Fifteen Marlborough riders took part in the races, getting a total of 19 medals over the various grades and races, 10 in the time trials and also 9 in the road races.
In the time trails it was Andrew Bidwell, his brother Adam, Nick Batt and daughter Katie, and Rhonda Murphy who took home 4 gold medals, while Sophie Batt, Sam Morgan, Dylan Hodson, Martin Fletcher and Ben Verhoef all got silver medals.

In the road races 4 golds were taken, by Adam Bidwell, Katie Batt, Susan van der Pol and Gerard van Antwerpen. Tim Burfoot, Rhonda Murphy and Niels van Antwerpen scored silver medals, while Nick and Sophie Batt got a bronze each.

Results of the Marlborough riders:

Time trails: U15G: 1. Katie Batt; U15B: 1. Adam Bidwell; U17G: 1. Sophie Batt; U17B: 1. Andrew Bidwell, 2. Sam Morgan; M2F: 1. Rhonda Murphy; M3M: 1. Nick Batt; M6M: 2. Martin Fletcher; M7M: 2. Ben Verhoef; Senior M: 2. Dylan Hodson.

Road races: U15G: 1. Katie Batt; U15B: 1. Adam Bidwell; U17G: 3. Sophie Batt; U17B: 2. Niels van Antwerpen, 4. Andrew Bidwell, 5. Sam Morgan; M1W: 1. Susan van der Pol; M2W: 2. Rhonda Murphy; M3M: 3. Nick Batt; M4M: 1. Gerard van Antwerpen; M5M: 1. Tim Burfoot; M6M: 4. Martin Fletcher, 5. Craig Anderson.