Club Championships, Seaview circuit, Seddon 30 April 2016.

The van Antwerpen family will need to make more room on their trophy shelf after Gerard and his son Niels both claimed titles at the Cuddon Cycling Marlborough annual club championships.

The champs were, as usual, staged on the Seaview circuit in Seddon on Saturday. Racing was over three laps (60km) for the seniors and two laps (40km) for the junior under-17 riders. Both races involved massed starts, with the champions decided on a first-past-the-line system in each category.

With the start and finish in Seddon, the climb out of the township decided who would be in the leading group vying for line honours. A group of five got away near the top of the hill while the rest of the riders formed a chasing bunch, but were unable to close the gap in the descent.

Leaders Nick Batt, Craig Harper, Sean O'Neill, Jeremy McKenzie and Gerard van Antwerpen worked well together, and built up an unassailable lead. During the last lap, several accelerations, mainly by a strong Batt, whittled the leaders down, as first Harper, and then McKenzie dropped off. The remaining three riders stayed together, despite Batt launching some more hard attacks in the last few kilometres to put O'Neill and Van Antwerpen under pressure. Once the descent towards the finish line began a sprint was inevitable, and Van Antwerpen proved fastest, holding off Batt by a few metres with O'Neill a further four seconds back. 

The sealed handicap was won by Batt, off five minutes, with Dylan Hodson (off 12m) 2nd and Van Antwerpen (off 30s) 3rd.

The junior over 40km race followed a similar pattern. The better three riders, Niels van Antwerpen, Andrew Bidwell, and Sam Morgan, all under-17 juniors, rode away early while the rest of the field split up into ones and twos. Again a sprint decided the results, with Van Antwerpen prevailing from Bidwell and Morgan respectively. The sealed handicap went to Morgan, off 5 min, ahead of Jess Spencer (off 25m) who held off Van Antwerpen (scratch) by four seconds.

Seniors, 60km Mills Cup: 1 and M45-55 title, Gerard van Antwerpen 1h 39m 06s; 2 Nick Batt at 1s; 3 Sean O'Neill (4s) M35-44 title; 4 Jeremy McKenzie (2m 02s); 5 Craig Harper (2m 47s); 6 Dylan Hodson (8m 10s) (senior men's title); 7 Andrew Morgan (8m 28s); 8 Martin Fletcher (8m 54s) M55+ title; 9 Mike Murphy (st); 10 Shaun Woods (9m 11s) U19 title; 11, Nick Blakiston (12m 21s); 12 Leatham Landon-Lane (14m 40s); 13 Susan van der Pol (19m 30s) senior women's title.
Juniors, 40km Jowers Cup: 1 and u17 title, Niels van Antwerpen 1h 08m 14s; 2, Andrew Bidwell st; 3 Sam Morgan st; 4 Adam Bidwell (19m 42s) U15B title; 5 Stacey Mitchell (23m 07s) U17G title; 6 Jess Spencer (24m 56s) U15G title.

Sealed handicap:
Seniors, Gleeson Challenge Cup: 1 Nick Batt (5m) 1h 34m 07s; 2 Dylan Hodson (12m) at 1m 09s; 3 Gerard van Antwerpen (30s) at 4m 29s; 4 Sean O'Neill (30s) at 4m 33s; 5 Martin Fletcher (9m) at 4m 53s; 6 Mike Murphy (9m) at 4m 53s; 7 Shaun Woods (9m) at 5m 10s; 8 Andrew Morgan (7m) at 6m 27s; 9 Jeremy McKenzie (scr) at 7m 01s; 10 Craig Harper (30s) at 7m 16s; 11 Susan van der Pol (12m) at 12m 49s.
Juniors, Drake Challenge Cup: 1 Sam Morgan (4m) 1h 04m 14s; 2 Jess Spencer (25m) at 3m 56s; 3 Niels van Antwerpen (scr) at 4m; 4 Andrew Bidwell (scr) at 4m; 5 Adam Bidwell (16m) at 7m 42m; 6 Stacey Mitchell (17m) at 10m 07s.