Henderson Brothers Trophy and Dooley Cup - 18 October 2015

The 14th and last race of the Cuddon Cycling Marlborough winter / spring series was held

last Saturday on the Northbank Road. The Henderson Bros and Dooley Cups were up for

grabs in time trial races over 51km (30 miles) and 16km (10 miles). The strong head wind on

the outward journey made for a hard ride, and later on a change from westerly to easterly in

the closing stages of the race, posed a tough finish to the race, making times in general

slower than usual.

A close battle was fought between Sean O’Neill, riding strongly in the last few weeks, and

Jeremy McKenzie, in his element in his favourite cycling discipline. At the turn McKenzie led

O’Neill by only 15 seconds, a very small margin with over 25km still to go. Unfortunately

McKenzie had the misadventure to puncture with about 10km to go, leaving O’Neill free to

grab the fastest time trophy, well ahead of Gerard van Antwerpen. Dylan Hodson, only 23

sec slower then Van Antwerpen, had an excellent ride, finishing 3rd,. The handicap cup went

to O’Neill as well, with Hodson 2nd by only 16 seconds and Duncan Mackenzie 3rd.

In the short course race favourite Niels van Antwerpen did not disappoint and won the

Dooley Cup for fastest time by a margin of 3min17sec, and also cleaned up the handicap

section. Sam Morgan was 2nd, ahead of Sam Spencer.

Results: 51km:

Fastest Time: 1,Sean O'Neill 1hr17m54s; 2,Gerard van Antwerpen 1hr24m17s; 3,Dylan

Hodson 1hr24m40s; 4,Duncan Mackenzie 1hr27m27s; 5,Mike Murphy 1hr28m07s; 6,Jeremy

McKenzie DNF

Handicap: 1, Sean O'Neill 1hr16m54s (off 1m); 2, Dylan Hodson 1hr17m10s (off 7m30s); 3,

Duncan Mackenzie 1hr19m57s (off 7m30s); 4, Mike Murphy 1hr20m37s (off 7m30s); 5,

Gerard van Antwerpen 1hr20m47s (off 3m30s)


Fastest Time (Dooley Cup): 1 Niels van Antwerpen 24m40s; 2 Sam Morgan 27m57s; 3 Sam

Spencer 28m12s; 4 Andrew Morgan 30m53s; 5 Jess Spencer 39m43s

Handicap: 1 Niels van Antwerpen 24m40s (off Scr); 2 Sam Morgan 24m57s (off 3m); 3 Sam

Spencer 25m12s (off 3m); 4 Jess Spencer 27m43s (off 12m)


A Link to the full results can be found here: Results Henderson Bros TT and Dooley Cup 17.10.15.pdf