Junior Racing Lower Wairau 18 June 2016

The second Junior Winter race afternoon was held by Cuddon Cycling Marlborough last Saturday on the Lower Wairau circuit. As last week, the weather conditions were very mild, and a good field of riders assembled for the 3 races.
The 1 lap, 7km, time trial saw Niels van Antwerpen again set the best time, 10m39s, 15 sec faster than last week. The gap to number 2, senior Gerard van Antwerpen was 10sec, and Greg Baunton came in third with 11m05s. Sam Morgan was not far off for fourth with 11m12s.

After this the handicap races were contested, over 1 lap for the younger riders and 2 laps for the older ones. In the 2 lap race the scratch group of 3 didn’t quite make up the gap to the 4 man strong break group, which caught the others quite easily. Morgan held Madsen-Clark and Spencer off in the closely contested sprint. Batt only just lost contact in the last km and finished fourth. The scratch rides were led in by Baunton, ahead of Van Antwerpen. In the 1 lap race the scratch group made it all the way to the front, with Mitchell winning, holding back Spencer and Straker.

The last event on the day was a scratch race, again over 1 and 2 laps. The field in the 2 lap race  stayed together, with some late atacks in the last km. The resulting sprint finish was won by Van Antwerpen ahead for Baunton, and Madsen-Clark beat Morgan for 4th. Mitchell held Bidwell and Spencer off in the 1 lap race, with the others at some distance behind..


1 lap, 7km Time Trial: 1. Niels van Antwerpen 10:39; 2. Gerard van Antwerpen 10:49; 3. Greg Baunton 11:05; 4. Sam Morgan 11:12; 5. Sam Spencer 11:27; 6. Joel Madsen-clarck 11:47; 7. Graham Mitchell 12:03; 8. Katie Batt 12:45; 9. Adam Bidwell 13:18; 10. Stacey Mitchell 13:21; 11. Hugh Straker 13:43; 12. Jessica Spencer 13:59; 13. Jimmy Luff 16:25; 14. Mickey Luff 16:30; 15. Caitlin Murphy 18:04;

2 lap Handicap: 1. S Morgan; 2. J Madson-Clark; 3. S Spencer; 4. K Batt; 5. Graham Mitchell; 6. G Baunton; 7. N van Antwerpen; 8. G van Antwerpen; 9. A Bidwell;

1 lap Handicap: 1. S Mitchell; 2. J Spencer; 3. H Straker; 4. M Luff; 5. J Luff; 6. C Murphy;

2 lap Scratch race: 1. N van Antwerpen; 2. G Baunton; 3. G van Antwerpen; 4. J Madson-Clark; 5. S Morgan; 6. G Mitchell; 7. S Spencer; 8. K Batt;

1 lap Scratch race: 1. S Mitchell; 2. A Bidwell; 3. J Spencer; 4. H Straker; 5. M Luff; 6. J Luff; 7. C Murphy;