Junior Racing Lower Wairau 25th June 2016

The third Junior Winter race afternoon was held by Cuddon Cycling Marlborough last Saturday on the Lower Wairau circuit. The cooler weather stopped a few riders coming out, but still a sizable field turned out for the 3 races.

The 1 lap, 7km, time trial saw senior Gerard van Antwerpen set the best time, 11m00s, a bit slower than previous weeks, and only 15 sec faster than Andrew Bidwell, in his first appearance in the series. Sam Morgan recorded the third time, 11m48s beating the second senior in the field, Dylan Hodson, by 4 seconds. The younger riders are improving and almost all of them are recording faster times every week.

In 2nd event, the handicap races over 1 lap for the younger riders and 2 laps for the older ones, the longer race saw the scratch group of 4 catch the 2 front markers about 3km before the line. They did however not drop these riders, so a bunch of 6 contested the sprint, in which Morgan beat Andrew Bidwell, while Katie Batt finished strong for 3rd, just ahead of Adam Bidwell.

In the 1 lap race lone scratch rider Jessica Spencer made it all the way to the front, and she finished in a dead heat with new rider Shanay Harvey, who had started 30 sec ahead. Caitlin Murphy was only a few seconds back for 3rd.

The last event on the day was a scratch race, again over 1or 2 laps. Morgan, arguably the better rider on the day, tried to escape a few times, however the others managed to reel him back in every time. The last km turned into a tactical spectacle with the riders not wanting to lead out too soon, but also not wanting to be caught out by a last minute attack. In the end Morgan did prevail in the tight sprint finish ahead of Bidwell, and van Antwerpen and Hodson. Batt, who held her place very well in between the boys in the field came in 5th.

Adam Bidwell got the better of Spencer in the 1 lap race, with Harvey 3rd ahead of the Luff brothers and Murphy.


1 lap, 7km Time Trial: 1. Gerard van Antwerpen 11:00; 2. Andrew Bidwell 11:15; 3. Sam Morgan 11:48; 4. Dylan Hodson 11:52; 5. Adam Bidwell 12:59; 6. Katie Batt 13:13; 7. Hugh Straker 13:24; 8. Jessica Spencer 13:53; 9. Shanay Harvey 14:51; 10. Jimmy Luff 15:25; 11=. Caitlin Murphy 16:01; 11=. Mickey Luff 16:01;

2 lap Handicap:1. S Morgan; 2. Andrew Bidwell; 3. K Batt; 4. Adam Bidwell; 5. G van Antwerpen; 6. D Hodson;

1 lap Handicap: 1=. S Harvey; 1=. J Spencer; 3. C Murphy; 4. M Luff; 5. J Luff;

2 lap Scratch race: 1. S Morgan; 2. And. Bidwell; 3. G van Antwerpen; 4. D Hodson; 5. K Batt;

1 lap Scratch race: 1. Ad. Bidwell; 2. J Spencer; 3. S Harvey; 4. M Luff; 5. J Luff; 6. C Murphy;