Funnel Trophy, James Bros Cup, Hawksebury 16th July 2016

The Hawksebury circuit was busy last Saturday afternoon with the riders of Cuddon Cycling Marlborough racing in the 2nd race of the Winter Series for the Funnel Trophy and the James Bros Cup.


The relatively mild and calm conditions saw a good turnout for the handicap races starting at Fairhall Hall, going up the Brookby road to the top of the Barrack Hill climb, and returning along Hawksebury road with the finish on Dog Point road, after doing this lap twice.


The six strong break group, on a 3 minute handicap, split up on the uphill drag to the back of the circuit early on, but the 3 remaining riders, Callum Caughey, Chris Grammer and Andrew Bidwell worked well together and caught the 5 minute group at the end of the first lap. This joint group stayed together till the second climb up the Barrack hill, with the 3 break riders powering away from the rest. On the way back down the group almost reformed along the Hawksebury straight, Caughey anticipated this and attacked just before. Defending a slim margin he caught the limit riders (on a 13min handicap) with about 1km to go. The others caught up as well, and a big group of 9 riders lined up for the final dash to the line. Caughey still had some power left over and pulled away in the final 100’s of meters for a nice victory.

Ian Martella sprinted well too, coming in 2nd, with Grammer 3rd and Kim Marshall 4th.


Meanwhile the 3 strong scratch bunch consisting of Sean O’Neill, Nick Batt and Gerard van Antwerpen, worked hard and consistent but failed to make up all of the time to the riders ahead. Batt, arguably the strongest rider, certainly on the uphill sections, opened up the sprint to the line; however Van Antwerpen coming of his wheel was the better sprinter and got fastest time honours, just over a minute back of the main bunch. O’Neill had to settle for 3rd.


The 28km short race, over 1 lap of the circuit, was won by Jessica Spencer, of a 12 minute handicap. She was still about 45 seconds ahead of scratch rider Niels van Antwerpen who had caught and passed Sophie Batt (of 7 minutes) about 4 km from the line. Van Antwerpen won the James Bros cup for fastest time for the second year in a row, ahead of Batt and Spencer.


This weekend racing is around the Ben Morven area, assembly at the Fairhall Hall for the Anderson Rosebowl (long race) and Keighley Cup (juniors in the short race).



Long race, 42km and Funnel Trophy: 1 Callum Caughey (3m); 2 Ian Martella (13m); 3 Chris Grammer (3m); 4 Kim Marshall (5m); 5 Pete Halligan (5m); 6 Rhonda Murphy (5m); 7 Andrew Bidwell (3m); 8 Greg Norton (13m); 9 Merrick Thompson (13m); 10 Ray Dunstan (3m); 11 Mike Murphy (5m); 12 Gerard van Antwerpen (SCR); 13 Nick Batt (SCR); 14 Sean O'Neill (SCR); 15 Martin Fletcher (5m); 16 Bruce Moran (13m); 17 Greg Baunton (3m); 18 Sam Spencer (3m); 19 Katie Batt (5m); Graham Henderson (13m) DNF ; Glen Herkt (5m) DNF;

Fastest time: 1 G van Antwerpen (1hr07m26s); 2 N Batt (1hr07m26s); 3 S O'Neill (1hr07m36s); 4 C Caughey (1hr09m23s); 5 C Grammer (1hr09m25s); 6 A Bidwell (1hr09m25s); 7 R Dunstan (1hr09m45s); 8 K Marshall (1hr11m25s); 9 P Halligan (1hr11m25s); 10 R Murphy (1hr11m25s); 11 M Murphy (1hr11m45s); 12 M Fletcher (1hr17m19s); 13 G Baunton (1hr17m46s); 14 S Spencer (1hr17m46s); 15 I Martella (1hr19m24s); 16 G Norton (1hr19m25s); 17 M Thompson (1hr19m25s); 18 B Moran (1hr26m53s); 19 K Batt (1hr27m00s); G Henderson (DNF); G Herkt (DNF);


Short race, 28km: 1 Jessica Spencer (12m); 2 Lance Spencer (12m); 3 Niels van Antwerpen (SCR); 4 Sophie Batt (7m);

Fastest time and James Bros Cup: 1 N van Antwerpen (40m06s); 2 S Batt (48m06s); 3 J Spencer (51m21s); 4 L Spencer (51m21s);