Summer Series Lower Wairau Kermesse 12th March 2016

Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Kermesse Style points race took place on the Lower Wairau circuit last Saturday, racing was in 4 grades over 6, 5 or 4 laps of 7km each. Points were sprinted for at each crossing of the finish line, the bigger distances for the races gave the lesser sprinters some better opportunities to break up the fields and get some points ahead of the riders with the fast legs.

A small field rode the A-grade race, Johno Gee started convincingly and won the 1st of the 6 sprints, ahead of Andrew Bidwell, who however kept going strong and got the better of the others for the next 3 sprints, and the final one, with Sam Morgan getting the 5th one. Overall Bidwell got 26 points, 10 more than 2nd placed Morgan, and Gee 3rd a further 2 points back.

The B-grade had the biggest field of the day, and here Dylan Hodson was dominant, winning 5 of the 6 sprints, and breaking away with Mike Murphy from the rest for the last 2 laps. Overall Hodson collected 28 points for the win. Murphy, despite winning the 5th and getting 2nd in the last sprint, didn’t quite get passed Connor Guillemot who placed in all the sprints and totalled 1 more point, getting 13, with Murphy 12.

In the C-grade Sophie Batt got off to an excellent start by getting maximum points in the 1st sprint, however her sister Katie rode away after that with Bruce Moran. Katie then won the next 3 sprints, while Moran fought hard in the last one to come out on top. Overall Katie’s 21 points were 5 more than Moran’s 16, with Sophie 3rd on 13.

D-grade riders had to complete 4 laps, Adam Bidwell showed to be stronger than the others by winning all the sprints, while Ruby McManaway and Stacey Mitchell battled for 2nd place. McManaway ended up 2nd, with 11 pts and Mitchell 3rd with 9 pts.


A-Grade (6 laps): 1. Andrew Bidwell, 26pts; 2. Sam Morgan, 16; 3. Johno Gee, 14; 4. Greg Baunton, 10;

B-Grade (6 laps): 1. Dylan Hodson, 28pts; 2. Connor Guillemot, 13; 3. Mike Murphy, 12; 4. James Greer, 7; 5. Andrew Morgan, 5; 6. Craig Anderson, 1; 7. Fergus Greer, 0; Graham Henderson, DNF;.

C-grade (5 laps): 1. Katie Batt, 21pts; 2. Bruce Moran, 16; 3. Sophie Batt, 13;

D-Grade (4 laps): 1. Adam Bidwell, 20pts; 2. Ruby McManaway, 11; 3. Stacey Mitchell, 9; 4. Jess Spencer, 4;