Race Report: Summer Series - Seaview 5-2-16

Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s second race of the Autumn series took place last Saturday on the tough Seaview circuit, outside of Seddon. Due to major roadworks the races were held on a shorter course than usual, leaving out the major climb out of the township, this however did not make the racing much easier due to the hard wind on the exposed lower half of the course.

The handicap races were held in warm windy weather, again with relatively small fields, on the reduced course of 9km length.

In the long race of 6 laps the scratch group of 3, with Jeremy McKenzie, Ethan Batt and Gerard van Antwerpen, split up early on under pressure from McKenzie, while the front markers, Graham Mitchell and Rhonda Murphy, kept going well, holding off the rest of the field till the end of the 5th lap. Meanwhile in the 4th lap the fast moving break duo of Nick Batt and Johno Gee picked up the 2nd break group which started with 7 riders, but by then had shed 4 riders, and now consisted of juniors Sam Morgan and Andrew Bidwell, and Kim Marshall. The resulting group of 5 sprinted for line honours, this went to Johno Gee ahead of Nick Batt, after both the 2 junior riders were relegated for dangerous sprinting. Closely behind this bunch a very strong McKenzie just caught Rhonda Murphy before the line and convincingly recorded the fastest time of the day, with Gee and Batt in 2nd and 3rd place.

In the medium race over 4 laps Greg Baunton rode strong on his own on scratch, getting the handicap win and fastest time.

For the younger and beginning riders a 2 lap race was held, Jess Spencer won this, ahead of Adam Bidwell and Stacey Mitchell. Bidwell recorded the fastest time ahead of Mitchell and Ruby Mc Manaway.

Saturday's race will see riders racing around the Lower Wairau circuit just outside Blenheim for a kermesse style race.

Results: Long course, 6 laps (54km) Handicap: 1 Johno Gee (3m30s); 2 Nick Batt (3m30s); 3 Andrew Bidwell (6m); 4 Sam Morgan (6m); 5 Kim Marshall (6m); 6 Graham Mitchell (12m); 7 Jeremy McKenzie (Scr); 8 Rhonda Murphy (12m); 9 Mike Murphy (6m); 10 Andrew Gifford (6m); 11 Martin Fletcher (6m); 12 Gerard van Antwerpen (Scr); 13 Craig Anderson (6m); 14 Ethan Batt (Scr);

Fastest time: 1 Jeremy McKenzie (1hr25m40s); 2 Johno Gee (1hr27m10s); 3 Nick Batt (1hr27m10s); 4 Andrew Bidwell (1hr29m40s); 5 Sam Morgan (1hr29m40s); 6 Kim Marshall (1hr31m35s); 7 Mike Murphy (1hr32m38s); 8 Gerard van Antwerpen (1hr33m55s); 9 Andrew Gifford (1hr37m16s); 10 Graham Mitchell (1hr37m35s); 11 Rhonda Murphy (1hr37m40s); 12 Martin Fletcher (1hr38m51s); 13 Craig Anderson (1hr40m06s); 14 Ethan Batt (1hr43m55s);

Medium course 4 laps (36km): Handicap: 1 Greg Baunton (Scr); Sophie Batt (12m) DNF

Fastest time: 1. Greg Baunton 1:03:50

Short course, 2 laps (19km): Handicap: 1 Jess Spencer (6m); 2 Adam Bidwell (Scr); 3 Stacey Mitchell (Scr); 4 Ruby McManaway (Scr);

Fastest time: 1 Adam Bidwell (43m36s); 2 Stacey Mitchell (44m23s); 3 Ruby McManaway (44m45s); 4 Jess Spencer (49m21s);