Race Report - Troubador / Squire 27 February 2016

Junior riders Ethan Batt (under-19) and Niels van Antwerpen (under-17), both members of cycling New Zealand’s development squad, secured fastest times in the Troubador Trophy, Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s first race of the Autumn series, last Saturday on the Rapaura - Hammericks  / O’Dwyer Road circuit.

The mass-start sealed handicap races were held in warm windy weather, with relatively small fields, on the 11km long course, totalling 66km for the long and 33km for the short event.

In the long race the field stuck mainly together till the end of the 2nd lap, when the better riders jumped across to Nick Batt, who had escaped along Rapaura rd., thus forming a leading group of 5. These riders worked well to establish an unassailable lead over the rest of the riders, who started to split up as well. The leading 5, Ethan and Nick Batt, Sam Morgan, Johno Gee, and Gerard van Antwerpen, split up further under pressure from the younger Batt in the 4th lap, dropping Morgan and Nick Batt. Despite launching some hard attacks in the final lap, Batt had to use his sprinting speed to claim fastest time in a 3 man sprint. He won convincingly over Van Antwerpen while Gee rolled in for 3rd slightly behind. Splitting the field up early on in the race payed dividends for the front riders, with Van Antwerpen, on a 1 minute handicap, claiming the Troubadour Trophy, ahead of Ethan (scratch) and Nick Batt (2m).

In the short race 3 riders, Niels van Antwerpen, Andrew Bidwell and Sam Spencer, broke away from the gun from the rest of the field. Van Antwerpen successfully attacked the other 2 in the last few km’s, finishing ahead to claim fastest time. The handicap trophy went to Spencer (off 2 m), ahead of Andrew Bidwell (1 m).

Saturday's race will see riders racing up the Seaview circuit in Seddon.

Results: Long course, Fastest Time for Ray Squire Memorial Cup:1 Ethan Batt 67km in 1hr41m10s; 2 Gerard van Antwerpen at 1s; 3 Johno Gee 2s; 4 Nick Batt 2m31s; 5 Sam Morgan 2m38s; 6 Mike Murphy 4m45s; 7 Andrew Gifford 4m46s; 8 Dylan Hodson 11m43s; Marie Peart DNF; Andrew Morgan DNF; Graham Mitchell DNF; Ian Martella DNF; Graham Henderson DNF;

Handicap, for Senior Troubador Trophy: 1 Gerard van Antwerpen (off 1m); 2 Ethan Batt (Scr); 3 Nick Batt (2m); 4 Mike Murphy (4m); 5 Andrew Gifford (4m); 6 Dylan Hodson (3m);

Short course: 1 Niels van Antwerpen 34km in 54m30s; 2 Andrew Bidwell at 1s; 3 Sam Spencer 15s; 4 Connor Guillemot 7m20s; 5 Liv Bishop 12m25s; 6 Adam Bidwell 12m25s; 7 Ruby McManaway 13m49s; 8 Stacey Mitchell 13m50s; 9 Jess Spencer 13m57s; 10 Lance Spencer 13m57s;

Handicap for Junior Troubador Trophy: 1 Sam Spencer (off 2m); 2 Andrew Bidwell (1m); 3 Niels van Antwerpen (Scr); 4 Connor Guillemot (4m); 5 Jess Spencer (7m); 6 Stacey Mitchell (6m); 7 Adam Bidwell (4m);