Van Antwerpen Race Report - 22 August 2015


Cuddon Cycling Marlborough held their 7th race of the winter / spring series last weekend around the Jones Rd / Dillons Point Rd circuit in the Lower Wairau.

Racing was in a handicap format, with 2 distances on offer. The longer 44km race took in 3 laps of the circuit, while the riders doing the shorter 30km race had to complete 2 laps. The finish for both races was along Vickerman Street, just before the turn back into Jones Road.

The Van Antwerpen Trophies for handicap and fastest time were on offer for the 15th time in the longer race. The 30km race had also two long running trophies up for grabs: the Amtman (handicap) and Sincock (fastest time), these however are only for the Junior Under-17 riders in this race.

A field of 22 riders, split up into 4 handicap groups, lined up for the longer race. Most groups lost one or more riders along the way, but the remaining riders stuck together to make the most of their handicaps. As usual the lighter winds favoured the front markers, working well together they managed to hold of the second bunch by 40 seconds. 6 riders lined up for the final sprint to take the line honours and the handicap trophy. Merrick Thompson produced a strong finish, convincingly holding back Graham Henderson and Ian Martella. The scratch bunch of 4 worked well together, but collected only a few dropped riders, and finished just 15 sec short of catching the 1st break bunch ahead of them. Gerard van Antwerpen took out the fastest time ahead of Sean O’Neill, after being forced into a very long sprint by Mitchell Mol who tried to get away in the last km before the line. Henderson being the first eligible rider across the line, took the handicap trophy home, while Van Antwerpen retained the fastest time trophy for the 3rd year running.

The shorter race also attracted a good field of riders, many of the younger riders using it as a preparation race for next weekend’s 2 day school tour. The second handicap group made their way to the front and held of the rest of the field, Bruce Moran getting line honours while Katie Batt took the Under-17 Amtman handicap trophy. Scratch markers Callum Caughey and Niels van Antwerpen rode strongly catching all but the 2nd group of riders Just 40 seconds back from the front Caughey sprinted to fastest time, collecting the Sincock trophy.



Van Antwerpen Trophies (43km): Line Honours - 1st Merrick Thompson, 2nd Graham Henderson, 3rd Ian Martella, 4th Dave Hutcheson, 5th Matt Straker.

Fastest Time: 1st Gerard van Antwerpen 1hr03m20s, 2nd Sean O’Neill S.T., 3rd Jeremy Mckenzie S.T., 4th Mitchell Mol 1hr03m40s, 5th Craig Harper 1hr06m05s.

Amtman and Sincock Trophies (29km): Line Honours – 1st Bruce Moran, 2nd Katie Batt, 3rd Sophie Batt, 4th Callum Caughey, 5th Niels van Antwerpen.

Fastest Time: 1st Callum Caughey 44m10s, 2nd Niels van Antwerpen S.T., 3rd Andrew Bidwell 48m27s, 4th Greg Baunton S.T., 5th Sam Spencer 51m45s.