Veterans Van Antwerpen & Dunstan Show The Way

Veteran riders Gerard van Antwerpen and Ray Dunstan took fastest time and handicap honours respectively in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s tough Montana/Medway two stage event last Saturday afternoon.

The 42km handicap first stage started at Montana Wines and followed a course over the Weld and Dashwood Pass and then up the rolling terrain of the Awatere Valley to finish on the Medway hill. After the Weld Pass climb the headwind up the Awatere Valley proved to be a tough obstacle for many riders. Five of the nine strong scratch bunch teamed up to steamroll their way through the field. Peter Burge (off 22min) had an excellent ride, and was unlucky to be caught with a kilometre to go. Scratch rider Tim Crampton took line honours by nine seconds to Conal Sloan and Chris Heywood, with another seven seconds back to Dunstan and Van Antwerpen.
Stage two a 40km massed start event saw the riders fly back down the Awatere Valley and then struck a head wind on the long haul over the passes to Montana. A group of five riders cleared out which included van Antwerpen, Dunstan, Crampton, Cameron Karwowski and Brendan Neylon. After continued pressure Karwowski and Crampton tailed off with 2 kilometres to go. The sprint to the line saw van Antwerpen take the win by 2 seconds to Dunstan with Neylon 18 seconds back in third place. Neylon easily took the sealed handicap from Burge and Dunstan.
The overall win went to van Antwerpen by 2 seconds to Dunstan with Crampton 45 seconds back in third place. The overall handicap went to Dunstan by 28 seconds to van Antwerpen with another 17 seconds to Crampton in third place.
Stage One- Montana to Medway 42km hcp, T Crampton (scr) 1, C Sloan (scr) 2, C Heywood (scr) 3, R Dunstan (scr) 4, G van Antwerpen (scr) 5, P Burge (22m) 6, B Streeter (6m) 7, M Loach (14m) 8, G Herkt (6m) 9, M McManaway (14m) 10. Fastest time, T Crampton (scr) 1hr 08m 34s 1, C Sloan (scr) 1hr 08m 43s 2, C Heywood (scr) 1hr 08m 44s 3, R Dunstan (scr) 1hr 08m 51s 4, G van Antwerpen (scr) s.t. 5.
Stage Two- Medway to Montana 40km massed start, G van Antwerpen 1hr 09m 55s 1, R Dunstan 1hr 09m 57s 2, B Neylon 1hr 10m 15s 3, T Crampton 1hr 10m 59s 4, C Karwowski 1hr 11m 27s 5, C Streeter 1hr 14m 05s 6, C Heywood 1hr 14m 06s 7, J Kidd 1hr 14m 22s 8, C Charles (Star & Garter Wheelers) 1hr 16m 29s 9, C Murphy 1h 18m 04s 10. Sealed handicap, B Neylon (8m) 1hr 02m 15s 1, P Burge (16m) 1hr 09m 11s 2, R Dunstan (30s) 1hr 09m 27s 3, G van Antwerpen (scr) 1hr 09m 55s 4, C Murphy (8m) 1hr 10m 04s 5.
General classification: G van Antwerpen 2hr 18m 46s 1, R Dunstan at 2sec 2, T Crampton at 47sec 3, C Heywood at 4m 04s 4, C Sloan at 8m 01s 5, J Kidd at 9m 49s 6, C Charles at 13m 01s 7, C Karwowski at 14m 06s 8, B Neylon at 15m 07s 9, B Frazer at 15m 17s 10. Handicap, R Dunstan (30s) 2hr 18m 18s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) 2hr 18m 46s 2, T Crampton (30s) 2hr 19m 03s 3, P Burge (38m) 2hr 19m 07s 4, B Neylon (14m) 2hr 19m 53s 5, C Heywood (1m) 2hr 21m 50s 6, C Murphy (14m) 2hr 23m 46s 7, R Murphy (14m) 2hr 24m 24s 8, M Loach (26m) 2hr 24m 35s 9, B Streeter (14m) 2hr 24m 53s 10.