Tuckerman Smashes Victoria Domain TT Record

Aaron Tuckerman annihilated the field in every stage to take victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Curtis Piper Memorial 3 stage event in Picton last Saturday.

The open grade event started with a 28km massed start stage on the Queen Charlotte Drive from Picton to the Grove and return. Tuckerman showed his hill climbing ability when he made his move on the climb out of Shakespeare Bay. He was well clear of his rivals at the turn and won the stage with a margin of 3 minutes 57 seconds. Tim Crampton took second place from Chris Heywood and Ray Dunstan. The sealed handicap was a close affair with Crampton taking the win by 2 seconds to Heywood with Tuckerman and Dunstan 1 second back in third equal place.
Stage two was a 1.1km hill climb time trial up the Victoria Domain hill. Tuckerman showed his excellent form to record a time of 2 minutes 44 seconds which cut a whopping 9 seconds off Robin Reid’s record set in February 2006. Tim Crampton (3m 23s) took second place from Cameron Karwowski (3m 25s) and Andrew Curnow (3m 28s). The sealed handicap was won by Tuckerman by 8 seconds to Ethan Roach and another 3 seconds to Karwowski.
The final stage was a 26km circuit race taking in Moana View Road, Waimarama Street, Waikawa Road and Boons Valley Road. The rolling course saw Tuckerman ride clear early on with veteran Ray Dunstan in pursuit. These two riders had strong individual efforts and kept away from the chasing field. Tuckerman took line honours 2 minutes 08 seconds ahead of Dunstan with another 40 seconds back to the main bunch headed by Karwowski. The handicap section was taken out by Jamie Kidd with 3 seconds to Roach and another 7 seconds to Tuckerman.
The overall classification went to Tuckerman by 7 minutes 18 seconds. Dunstan’s last stage effort moved him from fourth to second place, 37 seconds ahead of Crampton and another 21 seconds to Heywood. Tuckerman also took the overall handicap result with 14 points to Roach (12pt) and Crampton (9pt).
Open grade, Curtis Piper Memorial 3 stage- Stage one 28km, A Tuckerman 48m 38s 1, T Crampton 52m 35s 2, C Heywood 52m 37s 3, R Dunstan 52m 38s 4, A Curnow 55m 28s 5. Sealed handicap, T Crampton (4m) 48m 35s 1, C Heywood (4m) 48m 37s 2, A Tuckerman (scr) and R Dunstan (4m) 48m 38s 3 equal, E Roach (8m) 49m 15s 5. Stage two 1.1km, A Tuckerman 2m 44s (New Record) 1, T Crampton 3m 23s 2, C Karwowski 3m 25s 3, A Curnow 3m 28s 4, C Heywood 3m 38s 5. Sealed handicap, A Tuckerman (scr) 2m 44s 1, E Roach (1m) 2m 52s 2, C Karwowski (30s) 2m 55s 3, T Crampton (20s) 3m 03s 4, J Kidd (45s) 3m 04s 5. Stage three 26km, A Tuckerman 37m 16s 1, R Dunstan 39m 24s 2, C Karwowski 40m 03s 3, J Kidd 40m 06s 4, A Curnow 40m 12s 5. Sealed handicap, J Kidd (4m) 36m 06s 1, E Roach (5m) 36m 09s 2, A Tuckerman (scr) 36m 16s 3, R Dunstan (2m) 37m 24s 4, C Murphy (8m) and R Murphy (8m) 37m 56s 5 equal. Sprint bonus seconds on last stage, A Tuckerman (24s), R Dunstan (18s), C Karwowski (12s), A Curnow, T Crampton and J Kidd (2s).
General classification: A Tuckerman 1hr 28m 14s 1, R Dunstan at 7m 18s 2, T Crampton at 7m 55s 3, C Heywood at 8m 16s 4, A Curnow at 10m 52s 5. Handicap, A Tuckerman 14 pts 1, E Roach 12pt 2, T Crampton 9pt 3, R Dunstan and J Kidd 8pt 4 equal.