Karwowski Dominates Forrest Estate 4 Stage

Junior under 17 rider Cameron Karwowski excelled to take fastest time and handicap honours in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Forrest Estate 4 stage event from Renwick on Saturday.

The final open grade event of the winter road season was ridden in fine but blustery conditions. Stage one started with a 3.5km time trial on Condors Bend Road and Bedford Road. Conway Taylor (5m 16s) recorded the fastest time from Karwowski (5m 25s) and Gerard van Antwerpen (5m 37s). The windy conditions saw the top riders also dominant in the handicap section with Karwowski taking the win from Taylor and Jamie Kidd.
The 17km second stage started at the Grove Mill Winery in Waihopai Valley Road and finished at the top of the climb on Avon Valley Road. The journey up the Valley saw the field split into two main groups. The front five contested the final climb with Karwowski taking line honours by 2 seconds from Taylor and Kidd. The handicap points were taken by Kidd from Karwowski and Chris Heywood.
Stage three over 31km saw the riders continue up the Waihopai Valley to just above Craiglochart, return down the valley and then proceeded up the Wairau Valley Road finishing up the climb into the Delta. The field split in the early stages with seven riders going clear. Five riders contested the climb into the Delta with Karwowski again to strong to win by 3 seconds over Van Antwerpen and Kidd. The handicap went to junior under 17 rider Callum Streeter from Van Antwerpen and Heywood.
The final stage of 21km saw the riders continue up the Wairau Valley to the Narrows and then returned to the finish on Condors Bend Road via Bedford Road. Karwowski again was a comfortable winner by 5 seconds to Van Antwerpen with Heywood in third place. The three time bonus sprints saw Karwowski take the maximum of 24 seconds bonus on the last stage. Heywood took the handicap points from Karwowski and Van Antwerpen.
The overall classification went to Karwowski by 54 seconds to Van Antwerpen with another 6 seconds back to Heywood. Karwowski also took the handicap section with 18 points from Heywood (17 pt) and Van Antwerpen (13 pt).
Forrest Estate 4 stage- Stage one 3.5km, C Taylor 5m 16s 1, C Karwowski 5m 25s 2, G van Antwerpen 5m 37s 3, J Kidd 5m 45s 4, C Heywood 5m 46s 5. Sealed handicap, C Karwowski (15s) 5m 10s 1, C Taylor (scr) 5m 16s 2, J Kidd (20s) 5m 25s 3, C Heywood (20s) 5m 26s 4, G van Antwerpen (10s) 5m 27s 5. Stage two 17km, C Karwowski 29m 55s 1, C Taylor 29m 57s 2, J Kidd s.t. 3, C Heywood 30m 11s 4, G van Antwerpen 30m 19s 5. Sealed handicap, J Kidd (20s) 29m 37s 1, C Karwowski (10s) 29m 45s 2, C Heywood (20s) 29m 51s 3, C Taylor (scr) 29m 57s 4, G van Antwerpen (10s) 30m 09s 5. Stage three 31km, C Karwowski 46m 38s 1, G van Antwerpen 46m 41s 2, J Kidd 46m 42s 3, C Heywood 46m 46s 4, C Streeter 47m 03s 5. Sealed handicap, C Streeter (4m) 43m 03s 1, G van Antwerpen (20s) 46m 21s 2, C Heywood (15s) 46m 31s 3, J Kidd (10s) 46m 32s 4, C Karwowski (scr) 46m 38s 5. Stage four 21km, C Karwowski 34m 56s 1, G van Antwerpen 35m 01s 2, C Heywood 35m 03s 3, R Murphy 39m 07s 4, B Streeter 39m 08s 5. Sealed handicap, C Heywood (15s) 34m 48s 1, C Karwowski (scr) 34m 56s 2, G van Antwerpen (scr) 35m 01s 3, R Murphy (4m) 35m 07s 4, B Streeter (4m) 35m 08s 5. Time bonus sprints, C Karwowski 24s, C Heywood 16s, G van Antwerpen 14s, E Roach 2s, J Roach 2s, R Murphy 2s.
General classification: C Karwowski 1hr 56m 30s 1, G van Antwerpen at 54s 2, C Heywood at 1m 00s 3, C Streeter at 13m 03s 4, B Streeter at 14m 52s 5, R Murphy at 14m 57s 6, S Frost at 16m 40s 7, G Henderson at 17m 51s 8, J Roach at 20m 17s 9, C Sloan at 31m 37s 10. Handicap, C Karwowski 18pt 1, C Heywood 17pt 2, G van Antwerpen 13pt 3, C Streeter 6pt 4, R Murphy 5pt 5.