Streeters Triumph

Bryan Streeter and son Callum Streeter brought the silverware home when they respectively won Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Anderson Rosebowl and Keighley Cup events last Saturday afternoon.

The open grade 35km event covered a rolling course from Okaramio to Havelock and return. Most groups stayed together on the outward journey but disintegrated on the hills around the turn. The front groups had control until they were swamped by the 8 minute bunch with approximately 4km to go. Streeter and Rhonda Murphy got a slight break with a kilometre to go and held on with Streeter taking line honours. Pete Halligan headed off Graham Henderson and Mary Lister (off 12m) for third place. Fastest time honours easily went to scratch marker Cameron Karwowski in a time of 50m 46s. Strong riding by the 4 minute bunch saw Glen Herkt, Andrew Morgan and Stephen Rooney take the other time placings respectively off the 30 second break bunch. Murphy was the fastest Woman rider.

The junior under 17 grade competed in an 18km handicap event on an out and return course on the Northbank Road. All the action happened on the return journey when scratch rider Streeter picked up the 2m 30s break riders and proceeded through the field. Streeter won the sprint to the line from Henry Barnett to retain the Keighley Cup. New rider Callum Saunders headed off his comarkers Jess Ives and Sonia Ginders respectively to take third place.Streeter also took fastest time honours from Barnett and Olivia Cooper.


Open grade- Anderson Rosebowl 35km hcp, B Streeter (off 8m) 1, R Murphy (off 8m) 2, P Halligan (off 8m) 3, G Henderson (off 8m) 4, M Lister (off 12m) 5, S Frost (off 8m) 6, W Barnett (off 12m) 7, G Herkt (off 4m) 8, A Morgan (off 4m) 9, S Rooney (off 4m) 10. Fastest time, C Karwowski (off scr) 50m 46s 1, G Herkt (4m) 52m 20s 2, A Morgan (4m) 52m 22s 3, S Rooney (4m) 52m 23s 4, P Johnson (30s) 52m 25s 5. Fastest women, R Murphy (8m) 54m 57s 1, M Lister (12m) 59m 13s 2, S Binnie (12m) 60m 56s 3.

Junior under 17 grade- Keighley Cup 18km hcp, C Streeter (off scr) 1, H Barnett (off 2m 30s) 2, C Saunders (off 6m) 3, J Ives (off 6m) 4, S Ginders (off 6m) 5. Fastest time, C Streeter (scr) 29m 39s 1, H Barnett (2m 30s) 32m 19s 2, O Cooper (2m 30s) 32m 55s 3.