Painter Prevails

Veteran campaigner Gill Painter outsprinted his co-markers to take victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Van Antwerpen Trophy event from Grovetown on Saturday afternoon.

Forty two riders started in the open grade 44km handicap event which started and finished in Vickerman Street, Grovetown, and covered 3 laps of the Lower Wairau circuit. During the first two laps it was the strong scratch group that was the big mover, pulling in the 1m 30s and 3m groups. The final lap saw the 22m front markers still in control with the win looming. Four riders sprinted for line honours with Painter having the edge over Sharon de Castro, Malinda Spencer and Marie Higgison respectively. The backmarkers picked up the 6m 30s group 3km from home to see 25 riders sprint in 1m 30s behind the winners. Scratch marker Cameron Karwowski was a convincing winner to take the fastest time trophy, ahead of George Baxter, Larry Kendall, David Craig and Marcel Mulder.

The junior under 17 grade rode a 24km handicap event over one and a half laps of the open course for the Amtman and Sincock Trophies. The 8m 30s and the 14m 30s group joined up mid-race to form a strong group to ride through the field. It was Callum Saunders (8m 30s) wo had to much sting at the end to comfortably win the Amtman Trophy from co-marker Leatham Landon-Lane, Emma Crosswell (14m 30s), Jess Ives (8m 30s), Sonia Ginders (8m 30s) and Daniel Cresswell (14m 30s). Scratch rider Callum Streeter had a strong solo ride to take fastest time and the Sincock Trophy.


Open grade- 44km hcp Van Antwerpen Trophies, G Painter (off 22m) 1, S de Castro (off 22m) 2, M Spencer (off 22m) 3, M Higgison (off 22m) 4, C Karwowski (off scr) 5, G Baxter (off scr) 6, L Kendall (off 3m) 7, D Craig (off 1m 30s) 8, M Mulder (off 1m 30s) 9, B Walker (off 1m 30s) 10. Fastest time, C Karwowski (scr) 64m 04s 1, G Baxter (scr) s.t. 2, C Heywood (scr) s.t. 3, B Harris (scr) s.t. 4, K Bishell (scr) s.t. 5. Fastest Woman, R Murphy (6m 30s) 70m 34s 1, M Lister (6m 30s) s.t. 2, W Borst (12m) 78m 33s 3.

Junior under 17 grade- 24km hcp Amtman/Sincock Trophies, C Saunders (off 8m 30s) 1, L Landon-Lane (off 8m 30s) 2, E Crosswell (off 14m 30s) 3, J Ives (off 8m 30s) 4, S Ginders (off 8m 30s) 5. Fastest time, C Streeter (scr) 40m 24s 1, H Barnett (4m 30s) 44m 29s 2, C Saunders (8m 30s) 46m 51s 3.