Second Victory To Painter

Veteran cyclist Gill Painter took his second victory of the season when he took line honours in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s James Palatchie Memorial Cup event from Riverlands last Saturday afternoon.

The open grade 45km handicap event followed a course over the Weld and Dashwood Pass into the Awatere Valley Road and return. On the tailwind outward journey Denis Church (off 31min) had shed his co-marker Painter early on and was first to turn for home, still 20 minutes ahead of the scratch markers. Most groups had lost riders over the climbs and battled into the head winds on the chase home. A big effort from Painter saw him overhaul a tiring Church on the Riverlands straights. As the bunches loomed down on him Painter crossed the line to win by a mere 10 seconds. Craig Murphy (off 8min) just pipped Church for second place with Todd Neal (off 8min), Martyn Loach (off 14min), Willi Borst (off 14min) and Neil Campbell (off 8min) finishing close up respectively. Fastest time honours went to scratch marker David Craig from Chris Heywood with Bronwen Frazer 30 seconds back taking third fastest time.

The junior under 17 grade 24km handicap event for the Palatchie Cup was held twice over an out and return course on Taylor Pass Road. A good field of 18 riders saw close competition amongst the groups in the windy conditions. As field closed up in the last few kilometres it was new rider Georgia Hammond (off 11min) who outsprinted her co-marker Sonia Ginders by two bike lengths to take victory. Alex Peter (off 14m) held on for third place from Pim Greven (off 9min) and Callum Saunders (off 9min). Fastest time honours went to scratch marker Ethan Roach from co-marker Callum Streeter.


Open grade- Palatchie Cup 45km handicap, G Painter (off 31m) 1, C Murphy (off 8m) 2, D Church (off 31m) 3, T Neal (off 8m) 4, M Loach (off 14m) 5, W Borst (off 14m) 6, N Campbell (off 8m) 7, M Higgison (off 23m) 8, J Kidd (off 4m) 9, S Rooney (off 4m) 10. Fastest time, D Craig (off scr) 69m 43s 1, C Heywood (off scr) s.t. 2, B Frazer (off scr) 70m 14s 3, B Neylon (off scr) 71m 53s 4, J Kidd (off 4m) 72m 56s 5.

Junior under 17 grade- Palatchie Cup 24km handicap, G Hammond (off 11m) 1, S Ginders (off 11m) 2, A Peter (off 14m) 3, P Grevin (off 9m) 4, C Saunders (off 9m) 5, Q Karwowski (off 11m) 6, P Newton (off 14m) 7, E Roach (off scr) 8, C Streeter (off scr) 9, A Duggan (off 11m) 10. Fastest time, E Roach (scr) 38m 31s 1, C Streeter (scr) s.t. 2, P Greven (9m) 44m 32s 3, C Saunders (9m) 44m 34s 4, H Barnett (5m) 45m 46s 5.