Interclub Honours To Jamie Kidd

A strong performance by Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s riders saw them take the lead in the first round of the interclub series for the H G Hunter Memorial Shield in Nelson on Saturday afternoon.

The open grade interclub event was staged as part of the Brian Harford Mini Tour. The winner of the 3 stage 45km event on points was Chris Charles (Star and Garter Wheelers) with the minor placings going to clubmate Chris Nicholson and Cameron Karwowski (CCM) respectively. Other Marlborough riders who were well placed were Chris Heywood (6th), David Craig (8th) and Stephen Rooney (9th). 

The handicap section of the event counted towards the interclub points. Jamie Kidd (CCM) cemented the overall handicap honours with a great victory in the final stage. Other high placed Marlborough riders were Karwowski (3rd), Mike Murphy (4th), Rooney (6th), and Heywood (7th). The final first round points for the H G Hunter Memorial Shield were Cuddon Cycling Marlborough 111pts, Star and Garter Wheelers 88pts, and Cycling Nelson 11pts.

The junior under 17 grade competed in a 23km handicap event over 2 laps of the Maiseys Road circuit in the first round of the Picton Shield. The event was won by K Ford (N) from clubmate M Black with scratch rider T Nicholson in third place. Nicholson also took fastest time when he outsprinted the Marlborough pair Callum Streeter and Ethan Roach. The current Picton Shield points are Cycling Nelson 25pts, Star and Garter Wheelers 17pts, and Cuddon Cycling Marlborough 13pts.


Open grade- Brian Harford Mini Tour, C Charles (SGW) 111pt 1, C Nicholson (SGW) 110pt 2, C Karwowski (CCM) 102pt 3, G Overend (SGW) 100pt 4, N Batt (N) 98pt 5, C Heywood (CCM) 94pt 6, K Hamilton (SGW) 86pt 7, D Craig (CCM) 81pt 8, S Rooney (CCM) 81pt 9, G Black (N) 80pt 10.

H G Hunter Memorial Shield (Round 1), J Kidd (CCM) 48pt 1, C Charles (SGW) 47pt 2, C Karwowski (CCM) 36pt 3, M Murphy (CCM) 35pt 4, C Nicholson (SGW) 33pt 5, S Rooney (CCM) 32pt 6, C Heywood (CCM) 31pt 7, P Ashley (SGW) 30pt 8, G Overend (SGW) 30pt 9, R Matheson (SGW) 28pt 10. Cuddon Cycling Marlborough 111pt 1, Star and Garter Wheelers 88pt 2, Cycling Nelson 11pt 3.

Junior Under 17 grade- Picton Shield (Round 1), K Ford (N) 1, M Black (N) 2, T Nicholson (SGW) 3, C Streeter (CCM) 4, E Roach (CCM) 5, T Ashley (SGW) 6, T Hodgson(SGW) 7, N Clark (N) 8, A Main (N) 9, J Main (N) 10. Cycling Nelson 25pt 1, Star and Garter Wheelers 17pt 2, Cuddon Cycling Marlborough 13pt 3.