Solid Return By Van Antwerpen

Veteran Gerard van Antwerpen gave a solid performance to take fastest time and the Ray Squire Memorial Cup in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Troubador Trophy event at Fairhall on Saturday afternoon.

The open grade 63km massed start/sealed handicap event was run over 7 laps of the Benmorven circuit after the Rapaura circuit was closed due to flood damage. The field broke up quickly after the start leaving 13 riders in the lead group. Pressure applied by Tony Catterick in the third lap saw the split with six riders going clear which included Catterick, van Antwerpen, Conway Taylor, Marcel Mulder, Jamie Kidd and Jason Allen. This group expande their lead out to 4 minutes with van Antwerpen being a convincing winner in the sprint to the line from Taylor and Kidd. The Troubador Trophy for the sealed handicap was won by veteran campaigner Gill Painter by a good margin of 2m 49s to Pete Halligan and another 5m 02s to Kidd in third place.

The junior under 17 grade rode over 3 laps (27km) of the open course also in a massed start event. A good battle evolved between usual scratch riders Ethan Roach and  Jamie Hawke with Hawke taking line honours for fastest time. Pim Greven took third place approximately 6 minutes back. The Troubador Trophy for the sealed handicap fittingly went to Hawke from Roach with Daniel Cresswell 30 seconds back in third place.


Open grade- Troubador Trophy/Ray Squire Memorial Cup, G van Antwerpen 1hr 37m 42s 1, C Taylor s.t. 2, J Kidd s.t. 3, T Catterick s.t. 4, M Mulder s.t. 5, J Allen 1hr 38m 20s 6, G Morris 1hr 41m 38s 7, A Clark 1hr 41m 39s 8, P Halligan 1hr 41m 40s 9, G Herkt 1hr 41m 43s 10. Sealed handicap, G Painter (off 33m) 1hr 26m 51s 1, P Halligan (off 12m) 1hr 29m 40s 2, J Kidd (off 3m) 1hr 34m 42s 3, M Mulder (off 3m) s.t. 4, P Burge (off 24m) 1hr 35m 53s 5, T Little (off 6m) 1hr 36m 10s 6, C Taylor (off 1m) 1hr 36m 42s 7, G van Antwerpen (off scr) 1hr 37m 42s 8, T Catterick (off scr) s.t. 9, A Gifford (off 14m) 1hr 37m 46s 10.

Junior under 17 grade- Troubador Trophy, J Hawke 45m 34s 1, E Roach s.t. 2, P Greven 51m 47s 3, L Landon-Lane 52m 20s 4, C Saunders 56m 03s 5. Sealed handicap, J Hawke (off scr) 45m 34s 1, E Roach (off scr) s.t. 2, D Cresswell (off 10m) 46m 04s 3, E Jacoby (off 10m) 46m 05s 4, L Landon-Lane (off 6m) 46m 20s 5.