Taylor To Strong

Racing was close in the first of the Bike H Q summernite road races with Conway Taylor taking 2 of the 3 stages to cement victory over Brent Ackroyd and Paul Newman respectively. Only 14 seconds separating the first 5 riders overall. Rhonda Murphy won the sealed handicap from Steve Hartshorne and Mary Lister.


Bike H Q Summernite Series No2- Road Race No1, Stage 1 (7km), C Taylor 1, P Newman 2, B Ackroyd 3, J Kidd 4, J Scott 5. Stage 2 (11km), G Herkt 1, C Taylor 2, C Sloan 3, B Ackroyd 4, C Murphy 5. Stage 3 (7km), C Taylor 1, C Sloan 2, P Newman 3, J Scott 4, J Kidd 5. Overall classification, C Taylor 40m 06s 1, B Ackroyd at 5s 2, P Newman at 7s 3, J Kidd at 8s 4, J Scott at 14s 5, G Herkt at 24s 6, C Murphy at 29s 7, C Sloan at 1m 17s 8, R Murphy at 1m 25s 9, S Hartshorne at 1m 34s 10. Sealed handicap, R Murphy (3m 45s) 37m 46s 1, S Hartshorne (3m 45s) at 9s 2, M Lister (4m) at 11s 3, P Mann (6m) at 1m 4, J Aitken (6m) at 1m 11s 5, R Ily (6m) at 1m 13s 6, C Sloan (2m) at 1m 37s 7, J Scott (30s) at 2m 04s 8, B Ackroyd (20s) at 2m 05s 9, W Hart (6m) at 2m 06s 10.