Both Stages To Taylor

Conway Taylor was again in good form to win both stages in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s summernite series Bike H Q road race no2 from Wither Hills winery last Wednesday evening.
The first 11km stage covered a course around the Benmorven circuit and finishing after the climb in the Ridge Resort road. The field split into small groups around the back of Benmorven with Taylor finishing 9 seconds clear of Josh Scott with Jamie kidd another 15 seconds back in third place.
The 11km final stage was a fast flat event covering a course from the Ridge resort to Godfrey’s Road and return to Wither Hills Winery. At the turn for home the field split leaving 7 riders to contest the final sprint. Taylor was sucessful over Steve Hall and Brent Ackroyd for line honours.
The overall result gave Taylor a convincing win by 11 seconds over Scott with another 15 seconds back to Kidd in third place. The sealed handicap was convincingly won by the improving youngster Elodie Jacoby by 28 seconds to Sara Scott and another 7 seconds to Graham Henderson in third place.
Bike H Q Road Race No2- Stage One 11km, C Taylor 15m 54s 1, J Scott 16m 05s 2, J Kidd 16m 20s 3, P Newman 16m 37s 4, B Ackroyd 16m 56s 5, S Hall 17m 05s 6, G Herkt 17m 18s 7, R Murphy 17m 28s 8, C Murphy 17m 55s 9, W Hart 18m 57s 10. Stage Two 11km, C Taylor 16m12s 1, S Hall s.t. 2, B Ackroyd s.t. 3, P Newman s.t. 4, J Kidd s.t. 5, J Scott s.t. 6, G Herkt s.t. 7, R Murphy 16m 24s 8, C Murphy 16m 50s 9, G Henderson 17m 06s 10. Overall classification, C Taylor 32m 06s 1, J Scott 32m 17s 2, J Kidd 32m 32s 3, P Newman 32m 49s 4, B Ackroyd 33m 08s 5, S Hall 33m 17s 6, G Herkt 33m 30s 7, R Murphy 33m 52s 8, C Murphy 34m 45s 9, G Henderson 36m 33s 10. Sealed handicap, E Jacoby (7m) 29m 58s 1, S Scott (7m) 30m 26s 2, G Henderson (6m) 30m 33s 3, W Hart (6m) 30m 52s 4, N Blakiston (9m) 31m 16s 5, C Smith (6m 15s) 31m 35s 6, J Scott (20s) 31m 57s 7, R Murphy (1m 50s) 32m 02s 8, C Taylor (scr) 32m 06s 9, J Kidd (20s) 32m 12s 10.