Tuckerman Dominates Strong Field

Close finishes in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Bike HQ Summernite Series road race No 4, last Wednesday evening, saw Aaron Tuckerman head off a strong field for victory.
Road race No 4 in the series was a 3 stage event covering 6km, 8km and 11km. Stage One from the Wither Hills Winery covered a course on New Renwick Rd, Paynters Rd, and finishing up the climb on Morven Lane. Three riders were clear of the 24 strong field at the line with Richard Anderson heading in Tuckerman and Conway Taylor. Stage Two completed the Benmorven circuit, New Renwick Rd and then up and down the Ridge resort hill. Almost the whole field stayed intact to the Ridge climb with 6 riders completing a compact finish. Tuckerman headed off Taylor, Jamie Hawke, Anderson, Josh Scott and Paul Newman. The final stage saw the riders travel out to Godfreys Rd before returning to the Wither Hills Winery. Seventeen riders finished in the main bunch with another victory to Tuckerman over Taylor, Dunstan, Brent Ackroyd, Anderson and Newman.
The overall winner for the event was Tuckerman (37m 45s) from Taylor (37m 45s), Anderson (37m 50s), Hawke (38m 03s) and Dunstan (38m 12s). The handicap section Went to Chris Ireland with a clear margin to Todd Neal, Anderson, Graham Henderson and Hawke.
Bike HQ Summernite Series Road Race No 4- Stage One 6km, R Anderson 8m 31s 1, A Tuckerman s.t. 2, C Taylor s.t. 3, J Hawke 8m 44s 4, R Dunstan s.t. 5, P Newman 8m 57s 6, B Ackroyd s.t. 7, J Roach s.t. 8, J Scott s.t. 9, M Pendleton s.t. 10. Stage Two 8km, A Tuckerman 13m 28s 1, C Taylor s.t. 2, J Hawke 13m 30s 3, R Anderson s.t. 4, J Scott s.t. 5, P Newman s.t. 6, R Dunstan 13m 42s 7, J Roach 13m 47s 8, B Ackroyd 13m 53s 9, T Neal 14m 02s 10. Stage Three 11km, A Tuckerman 15m 46s 1, C Taylor s.t. 2, R Dunstan s.t. 3, B Ackroyd 15m 49s 4, R Anderson s.t. 5, P Newman s.t. 6, G Herkt s.t. 7, T Neal s.t. 8, R Murphy s.t. 9, J Scott s.t. 10. Overall classification, A Tuckerman 37m 45s 1, C Taylor s.t. 2, R Anderson 37m 50s 3, J Hawke 38m 03s 4, R Dunstan 38m 12s 5, P Newman 38m 16s 6, J Scott s.t. 7, B Ackroyd 38m 39s 8, J Roach 38m 40s 9, D Craig 39m 08s 10. Overall handicap, C Ireland (4m) 36m 42s 1, T Neal (2m) 37m 12s 2, R Anderson (30s) 37m 20s 3, G Henderson (2m 40s) 37m 32s 4, J Hawke (30s) 37m 33s 5, C Smith (7m) 37m 36s 6, R Murphy (2m) 37m 38s 7, D Craig (1m 30s) 37m 38s 8, A Tuckerman (scr) 37m 45s 9, C Taylor (scr) s.t. 10.