TT Record To Taylor

Records continue to fall at Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Summernite Series when Conway Taylor broke the Masters 35-44yrs record by 14 seconds in the Bike HQ time trial No5 last Wednesday evening.
Conditions were good with the rain stopping just prior to the start of the 16km time trial on the New Renwick Road circuit. Masters 45-54yrs rider Ray Dunstan again cracked out the winning time of 20m 43s just 6 seconds outside his record set last December. Taylor’s time of 20m 57s broke his own record of 21m 11s (Feb 08) shared with Paul Johnson (Feb 07). Johnson recorded his best time this series with 21m 26s for third with Josh Scott a personal best on 22m 41s in fourth. The handicap section went to Johnson by 15s to Scott and another 1s to Taylor.
Bike HQ Time Trial No5- R Dunstan 20m 43s 1, C Taylor 20m 57s *New record (Masters 35-44yrs) 2, P Johnson 21m 26s 3, J Scott 22m 41s 4, B Ackroyd 23m 42s 5, E Roach 23m 55s 6, R Murphy 24m 50s 7, G Henderson 25m 16s 8, G Herkt 25m 33s 9, A Windleburn 31m 25s 10. Sealed handicap, P Johnson (1m30s) 19m 56s 1, J Scott (2m30s) 20m 11s 2, C Taylor (45s) 20m 12s 3, G Henderson (5m) 20m 16s 4, A Windleburn (11m) and E Roach (3m30s) 20m 25s 5 equal, R Murphy (4m 15s) 20m 35s 7, B Ackroyd (3m) 20m 42s 8, R Dunstan (scr) 20m 43s 9, G Herkt (3m30s) 22m 03s 10.