Road Season Muster Day

Cuddon Cycling Marlborough opened its road season with a muster day at Fairhall on Saturday afternoon.
The riders were split into 4 grades with racing on the Benmorven circuit from Fairhall hall. The top grade was a combined ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade event ove 4 laps of the circuit (36km). A torrid pace on the first lap followed by a strong attack saw the field split up  on the rise up Paynters Road on lap two. Five riders rode clear being Gerard van Antwerpen, David Craig, Paul Johnson, Marcel Mulder and Ethan Roach. The group increased their lead by almost 2 minutes to the chasers over the final lap. Craig took ‘A’ grade line honours with a devastating sprint from van Antwerpen and Johnson. Roach took the ‘B’ grade win by 1m 47s to Marty Bruce who headed off Glen Herkt in the next bunch sprint. The ‘C’ grade 3 lap event (27km) saw Chris Ireland produce a strong finish to beat Richard Holdaway by 8 seconds with another 33 seconds back to Joe Blakiston. The junior under 17 grade rode over 2 laps (18km) with Callum Saunders being the strongest finisher to win by 30 seconds over Sonia Ginders and Nick Blakiston.
‘A’ grade 36km- D Craig 55m 13s 1, G van Antwerpen 55m 14s 2, P Johnson 55m 15s 3, M Mulder 55m 40s 4. ‘B’ grade 36km- E Roach 55m 23s 1, M Bruce 57m 00s 2, G Herkt s.t. 3, D MacKenzie s.t. 4, A Clark s.t. 5. ‘C’ grade 27km- C Ireland 46m 00s 1, R Holdaway 46m 08s 2, J Blakistan 46m 41s 3, S Scott 53m 08s 4, I Buunk 54m 25s 5. Junior under 17 grade 18km- C Saunders 33m 29s 1, S Ginders 33m 59s 2, N Blakiston s.t. 3, D Cresswell 36m 55s 4, C Morris 40m 02s 5.