Southlander Tomlinson Cleans Up

Visiting Southland rider Hamish Tomlinson took first place and fastest time in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Anderson Rosebowl event at Okaramio on Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 35km handicap event to Havelock and return was ridden in fine mild conditions. Denis Church and new rider Donna Kerr (off 17m) were first to turn for home with the rest of the field gradually closing in. The large scratch group caught the 4 minute break group at Rocky Creek. The climb over the Rocky Creek hill saw the backmarkers split and rapidly pulled in the riders ahead over the last few kilometres. Tomlinson was on a solo break and caught the front with a couple of kilometres to go. The sprint to the line saw Tomlinson win comfortably from first local Todd Neal (off 6m) who took the trophy, followed by Pete Halligan (6m), Chris Ireland (7m), and Wayne Smith (7m).
Tomlinson scored fastest time by 3 seconds to Gerard van Antwerpen and a further 7 seconds to Josh Scott. 
The junior under 17 grade competed in a 18km handicap event on the northbank Road for the Keighley Cup. A top ride by Daniel Cresswell (off 4m 30s) saw him ride through the field to take line honoursby over a minute from his nearest rival, brother Thomas Cresswell (off 9m). Another 30 seconds back the scratchmen sprinted for third place with Quinn Karwowski taking the fastest time honours from co-marker Will Hart.
Open grade- Anderson Rosebowl 35km hcp, H Tomlinson (off scr) 1, T Neal (off 6m) (Anderson Rosebowl) 2, P Halligan (off 6m) 3, C Ireland (off 7m) 4, W Smith (off 7m) 5, B Streeter (off 7m) 6, J Kidd (off 4m) 7, G van Antwerpen (off scr) 8, J Scott (off scr) 9, A Clark (off 4m) 10m. Fastest time, H Tomlinson (scr) 48m 04s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) 48m 07s 2, J Scott (scr) 48m 14s 3, C Karwowski (scr) 48m 19s 4, P Johnson (scr) 50m 35s 5.
Junior under 17 grade- Keighly Cup 18km hcp, D Cresswell (off 4m 30s) 1, T Cresswell (off 9m) 2, Q Karwowski (off scr) 3, W Hart (off scr) 4, N McIntyre (off 4m 30s) 5. Fastest time, Q Karwowski (scr) 33m 27s 1, W Hart (scr) 33m 30s 2, E Jacoby (scr) 36m 03s 3.