Hawke Takes Northbank Massed Start

A close sprint finish saw junior under 19 rider Jamie Hawke take fastest time in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s massed start event at Renwick last Saturday afternoon.
The 40km open grade event ridden in cool conditions covered an out and return course on the Northbank Road. On the outward journey after several attacks the front group was reduced to 12 riders who remained together to the finish. Marcel Mulder gave a strong lead out in the sprint but was pipped by Hawke with Chris Heywood taking third place ahead of Tony Catterick and Gerard van Antwerpen. The sealed handicap was won by George Looman (3m) who had a good ride by managing to stay with the front group. The minor placings went to Karina Taege (21m) and Bryan Streeter (5m).
The junior under 17 grade competed in a massed start event on the same course over 20km. Three riders broke from the field with Callum Saunders taking the sprint finish from Will Hart and Nick Blakiston respectively. Blakiston’s effort was rewarded with the sealed handicap win from Hart and Saunders respectively.
Open grade- 40km massed start, J Hawke 60m 12s 1, M Mulder s.t. 2, C Heywood s.t. 3, T Catterick s.t. 4, G van Antwerpen s.t. 5, T Neal s.t. 6, A Clarke s.t. 7, B Fraser s.t. 8, J Kidd s.t. 9, D Craig s.t. 10. Sealed handicap, G Looman (off 3m) 57m 12s 1, K Taege (off 21m) 57m 42s 2, B Streeter (off 5m) 59m 01s 3, M Mulder (off 1m) 59m 12s 4, T Neal (off 1m) s.t. 5, A Clarke (off 1m) s.t. 6, B Fraser (off 1m) s.t. 7, J Kidd (off 1m) s.t. 8, D Craig (off 15s) 59m 57s 9, M McManaway (off 5m 30s) 60m 01s 10.
Junior under 17 grade- 20km massed start, C Saunders 31m 25s 1, W Hart 31m 26s 2, N Blakiston s.t. 3, L Landon-Lane 33m 34s 4, S Ginders s.t. 5. Sealed handicap, N Blakiston (off 5m) 26m 26s 1, W Hart (off 1m) 30m 26s 2, C Saunders (off scr) 31m 25s 3, S Ginders (off 1m 30s) 32m 04s 4, L Landon-Lane (off 1m) 32m 34s 5.