Van Antwerpen/Taylor Take Two-up

Masters riders Gerard van Antwerpen and Conway Taylor teamed well to take the fastest time in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Geddes Memorial Cups two-up time trial event from Renwick on Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 40km event was ridden in cool and very windy conditions on an out and return course on the Wairau Valley Road. The strong headwind on the outward journey took its toll on many teams with time lost not being able to be picked up on the quick journey home. The Van Antwerpen/Taylor combination (56m 39s) recorded a very good time to take the trophy. The event was robbed of some interest when the Paul Johnson/Josh Scott pairing had mechanical trouble on the return journey when vying for the lead. The minor placings went to Jamie Kidd/Martin Fletcher (61m 25s) and David Craig/Stephen Rooney (62m 59s). The sealed handicap Trophy also went to Van Antwerpen and Taylor by 16 seconds to Kidd and Fletcher with another 19 seconds back to Todd Neal and Glen Herkt in third place.
The junior under 17 grade competed in a 16km two-up time trial up the Waihopai Valley Road and return. THe Ethan Roach/Callum Saunders pairing rode a time of 28m 20s for the win. The minor placings went to Pim Greven/Nick Blakiston (32m 10s) and Will Hart/Sonia Ginders (32m 41s).
Open grade- Geddes Cups 40km two-up time trial, G van Antwerpen/C Taylor 56m 39s 1, J Kidd/M Fletcher 61m 25s 2, D Craig/S Rooney 62m 59s 3, G Herkt/T Neal 63m 44s 4, D MacKenzie/P Halligan 64m 30s 5. Sealed handicap, Van Antwerpen/Taylor (scr) 56m 39s 1, Kidd/Fletcher (4m 30s) 56m 55s 2, Herkt/Neal (6m 30s) 57m 14s 3.
Junior under 17 grade- 16km two-up time trial, E Roach/C Saunders 28m 20s 1, P Greven/N Blakiston 32m 10s 2, W Hart/S Ginders 32m 41s 3.