Consecutive Vincent TT To Dunstan

Top time trialist Ray Dunstan took his second consecutive Vincent Cup victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s time trials on the Waihopai Road last Saturday afternoon. 
The open grade 40km event covered a rolling course from Grove Mill Winery to just above Craiglochart and return. The expected clash between Dunstan and Conway Taylor evolved with Dunstan recording 55m 59s, just 36 seconds up on Taylor. Josh Scott (57m 45s) performed creditably in his first time trial event for third place, whilst Paul Johnson (59m 31s) was the only other rider to break the hour barrier. The Verhey Cup for the sealed handicap went to Denis Church (off 28m) by 7 seconds to Scott (off 2m 30s) and another 20 seconds back to Taylor (off 1m) in third place.
The junior under 17 grade competed in a 16km time trial to the Spy base and return. Ethan Roach (25m 03s) took the fastest time with the rapidly improving Callum Saunders recording second place with a 25m 52s. Sonia Ginders (28m 33s) had a strong ride for third place. The sealed handicap went to Thomas Cresswell (off 13m) with a convincing win over Saunders (off 3m) and Ginders (off 4m 30s).
Open grade- Vincent Cup/ Verhey Cup time trial, 40km, R Dunstan 55m 59s 1, C Taylor 56m 35s 2, J Scott 57m 45s 3, P Johnson 59m 31s 4, C Heywood 62m 12s 5, G van Antwerpen 62m 19s 6, M Fletcher 62m 57s 7, R Lock 64m 38s 8, S Rooney 65m 26s 9, A Clark 66m 37s 10. Sealed handicap, D Church (28m) 55m 08s 1, J Scott (2m 30s) 55m 15s 2, C Taylor (1m) 55m 35s 3, P Burge (18m) 55m 46s 4, M Lister (14m) 55m 55s 5, R Dunstan (scr) 55m 59s 6, S de Castro (28m) 56m 18s 7, R Lock (8m) 56m 38s 8, G Henderson (12m) 56m 54s 9, A Milne (11m) 56m 55s 10.
Junior under 17 grade, 16km time trial, E Roach 25m 03s 1, C Saunders 25m 52s 2, S Ginders 28m 33s 3, W Hart 29m 11s 4, L Landon-Lane 29m 58s 5. Sealed handicap, T Cresswell (13m) 21m 47s 1, C Saunders (3m) 22m 52s 2, S Ginders (4m 30s) 24m 03s 3, D Cresswell (6m 30s) 24m 22s 4, E Roach (scr) 25m 03s 5.