Taylor & Saunders Take Silverware

Conway Taylor and Callum Saunders won the Mills Cup and the Jowers Cup in their respective events in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Club Championships at Seddon on Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 40km massed start event covered 2 laps of the hilly Seaview course, with six titles at stake. The usual split in the field occurred as the riders attacked the first climb out of Seddon. The riders settled into their various groups over the first 10km but the climb back to Seddon soon put pressure on the weaker riders even though the conditions were good with almost no wind. The attacks came in the final lap with Jamie Hawke, Taylor and Jono Lee going clear with Gerard van Antwerpen, Antony Clark and Chris Heywood chasing hard. The final sprint to the line saw taylor take the win (Masters 35-44yr title) from Hawke (Junior U19 title). Just under a minute back van Antwerpen took third place from Heywood and Clark. Other titles went to David Craig (Masters 45-54yr), Jamie Kidd (Senior Men), Martin Fletcher (Masters 55+) and Rhonda Murphy (Women). The Women’s title was particularly close with Murphy winning by just half a wheel over Mary Lister. However, Lister was rewarded with a win in the sealed handicap which saw her take the Gleeson Challenge Cup. The minor handicap placings went to Cathy Hale and Leonie van den Burgh respectively.
The junior under 17 grade raced over 1 lap of the course with the Junior Men’s and Junior Women’s titles at stake. A break on the first climb saw Ethan Roach and Saunders go clear of the field. On the return journey Roach’s repeated attacks were to no avail as Saunders stuck to his task. The sprint for line honours saw Saunders take a deserved victory. Nick Blakistan had an excellent ride to take third place from Will Hart and Leatham Landon-Lane. The Junior Women’s title when to Sonia Ginders. The sealed handicap for the Drake Challenge Cup also went to Saunders, from Landon-Lane and Roach.
Open grade- Club Championships 40km, C Taylor 64m 08s 1, J Hawk s.t. 2, G van Antwerpen 65m 08s 3, C Heywood s.t. 4, A Clark 65m 02s 5, D Craig 67m 35s 6, T Neal s.t. 7, J Kidd 69m 16s 8, S Rooney 69m 41s 9, M Fletcher 72m 05s 10, B Streeter 72m 46s 11, W Smith 72m 57s 12, A Milne 73m 01s 13, R Murphy 73m 29s 14, M Lister s.t. 15. Sealed handicap, M Lister (13m) 60m 29s 1, C Hales (28m) 61m 11s 2, L van den Burgh (22m) 62m 28s 3, D Church (22m) 62m 31s 4, A Clark (2m 30s) 62m 32s 5, R de Ruiter (11m) 62m 38s 6, T Neal (4m) 63m 35s 7, A Milne (9m) 64m 01s 8, C Taylor (scr) 64m 08s 9, J Hawke s.t 10.
Junior under 17 grade- Club Championships 20km, C Saunders 36m 01s 1, E Roach 36m 02s 2, N Blakiston 38m 34s 3, W Hart 38m 37s 4, L Landon-Lane 38m 58s 5, S Ginders 39m 53s 6. Sealed handicap, C Saunders (1m 30s) 34m 31s 1, L Landon-Lane (4m) 34m 58s 2, E Roach (scr) 36m 02s 3, N Blakiston (2m 30s) 36m 04s 4, S Ginders (3m 30s) 36m 23s 5.