Catterick Dominates

Scratch rider Tony Catterick dominated by taking first place and fastest time in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s open grade event at Fairhall on saturday afternoon.
The 50km event covered two laps of the Hawkesbury circuit and Benmorven circuit before finishing up the Ridge Resort hill. The cold and wet conditions took its toll on the small field with Catterick and co-marker Gerard van Antwerpen catching the 1m 30s break markers early on and then proceeded to mow down the rest of the field in the latter stages. Catterick was to strong on the hill finish to win by 5 seconds to van Antwerpen with Jamie Kidd (off 1m 30s) and co-marker Grant Ludemann a few seconds back in third and fourth place respectively.
Open grade- 50km handicap, T Catterick (off scratch) 1, G van Antwerpen (off scratch) 2, J Kidd (off 1m 30s) 3, G Ludemann (off 1m 30s) 4, P Halligan (off 6m) 5, W Smith (off 6m) 6, M Bruce (off 6m) 7, A Milne (off 6m) 8, S de Castro (off 25m) 9, C Hale (off 25m) 10. Fastest time, T Catterick (scr) 1hr 18m 05s 1, G van Antwerpen (scr) 1hr 18m 10s 2, J Kidd (1m 30s) 1hr 19m 42s 3, G Ludemann (1m 30s) 1hr 19m 54s 4, M Mulder (1m 30s) 1hr 24m 24s 5.