David Duff Memorial To Taylor

A strong sprint finish saw Conway Taylor take victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s David Duff Memorial Trophy event at Fairhall last saturday afternoon.
The open grade 56km massed start event drew a good field of 30 riders in the cold conditions. The course covered 4 laps of the large Hawkesbury circuit, starting and finishing at Fairhall hall. After 10km the field was reduced to 20 in the front group.  Attacks over the final lap came to nothing with 18 riders lining up for the final sprint. A long sprint home saw Taylor win by half a bike length from Ray Dunstan and Gerard van Antwerpen. The sealed handicap win went to Rhonda Murphy (12m) who managed to stay in the leading group. The minor placings went to Leonie van den Bergh (24m) and Tony Little (6m).
The junior under 17 grade competed in a 26km massed start event over 2 laps of the small Hawkesbury circuit for the Newport Trophy. Five riders rode clear in the early stages and scratch rider Callum Saunders was unable to shake anyone before the final sprint. Saunders took line honours with Sonia Ginders getting up for second place over Will Hart, Daniel Cresswell and Leatham Landon-Lane. The sealed handicap went to Cresswell (3m 30s) from Landon-Lane (3m) and Ginders (2m 30s).
Open grade- David Duff Memorial Trophy 56km massed start, C Taylor 1hr 28m 15s 1, R Dunstan s.t. 2, G van Antwerpen s.t. 3, D Craig s.t 4, T Neal s.t. 5, A Clark s.t. 6, M Mulder s.t. 7, C Heywood s.t. 8, A Curnow s.t. 9, S Rooney s.t. 10. Sealed handicap, R Murphy (12m) 1hr 16m 15s 1, L van den Bergh (24m) 1hr 20m 36s 2, T Little (6m) 1hr 22m 15s 3, W Smith (6m) s.t. 4, M McManaway (14m) 1hr 24m 10s 5, C Murphy (8m) 1hr 25m 26s 6, R de Ruiter (12m) 1hr 26m 10s 7, S Rooney (2m) 1hr 26m 15s 8, D Hansen (2m) s.t. 9, D Craig (1m 30s) 1hr 26m 45s 10.
Junior under 17 grade- Newport Trophy 26km massed start, C Saunders 44m 01s 1, S Ginders s.t. 2, W Hart s.t. 3, D Cresswell s.t. 4, L Landon-Lane s.t. 5. Sealed handicap, D Cresswell (3m 30s) 40m 39s 1, L Landon-Lane (3m) 41m 01s 2, S Ginders (2m 30s) 41m 31s 3, W Hart (1m) 43m 01s 4, C Saunders (scr) 44m 01s 5.