Hard 2 Stage To Heywood

Strong riding in difficult conditions gave Chris Heywood victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s two stage event from Montana to Seaview and return last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 60km event started with a 40km handicap stage covering a course from Montana Wines on State Highway One, over the Weld and Dashwood Pass to Seddon, and then once over the testing Seaview course returning to finish in Seddon. It was 9 minute markers Bryan Streeter and Martin Fletcher who paired well together to hit the front on the climb out of Seddon. The pair stuck to their task with Streeter riding away in the last 5km to take the stage by 8 seconds to Fletcher with the chasing 4 minute break group only 3 seconds back. Jamie Kidd took third just ahead of Andrew Curnow and David Craig. Fastest time went to scratch marker Jamie Hawke who just held off co-marker Heywood on the line.
The final 20km stage was a time trial from Seddon back to Montana into a strong headwind. Heywood outclassed his rivals with a good time of 34m 58s to take the win by 34 seconds to Hawke and another 1m 06s to Craig. The sealed handicap went to Craig from Heywood and Streeter.
The overall result went to Heywood (1hr 36m 13s) from Hawke (1hr 36m 47s) with Craig (1hr 40m 18s) taking third place. Craig took the overall handicap by a clear margin of 1m 18s from Streeter with Stephen Rooney another 48 seconds back in third place.
Open grade- Montana-Seaview 2 Stage, Stage One 40km hcp, B Streeter (off 9m) 1, M Fletcher (off 9m) 2, J Kidd (off 4m) 3, A Curnow (off 4m) 4, D Craig (off 4m) 5, S Rooney (off 4m) 6, B Sidley (off 4m) 7, J Hawke (off scr) 8, C Heywood (off scr) 9, A Morgan (off 4m) 10. Fastest time, J Hawke (scr) 1hr 01m 15s 1, C Heywood (scr) s.t. 2, J Kidd (4m) 1hr 03m 27s 3, A Curnow (4m) 1hr 03m 29s 4, D Craig (4m) 1hr 03m 40s 5. Stage Two 20km time trial, C Heywood 34m 58s 1, J Hawke 35m 32s 2, D Craig 36m 38s 3, G van Antwerpen 37m 30s 4, P Newman 38m 08s 5, S Rooney 39m 28s 6, B Sidley 40m 14s 7, B Streeter 40m 20s 8, A Curnow 40m 36s 9, M Fletcher 41m 39s 10. Sealed hcp, D Craig (3m) 33m 38s 1, C Heywood (30s) 34m 28s 2, B Streeter (5m) 35m 20s 3, S Rooney (4m) 35m 28s 4, J Hawke 35m 32s 5. Overall classification, C Heywood 1hr 36m 13s 1, J Hawke 1hr 36m 47s 2, D Craig 1hr 40m 18s 3, P Newman 1hr 41m 58s 4, G van Antwerpen 1hr 42m 56s 5. Overall handicap classification, D Craig 1, B Streeter 2, S Rooney 3, C Heywood 4, M Fletcher 5.