Heywood Excels In The Awatere Again

Chris Heywood headed off a strong field to take victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Montana-Medway two stage event last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade event started with a 40km handicap stage from Montana Wines, over the Weld and Dashwood Pass, and then up the Awatere Valley Road to finish on the Medway hill. Over the hills most groups remained intact with the back markers closing in on the rest of the riders around Blairich. The steep Blairich hill climb, 8km from the finish, saw 7 break riders (off 4min) hit the front. Approximately 1 minute back the 7 scratch riders split on the climb with Tony Catterick, Jamie Hawke and Heywood in pursuit. The final climb to the finish at Medway saw Antony Clark (off 4m) take a good victory over co-markers Jamie Kidd and Dave Craig with the rest of the group a few seconds back. The scratch riders were only 33 seconds back with Heywood rolling over Hawke on the line for fastest time with Catterick a few seconds back.
Stage two was a massed start event back to Montana. The field started to split up as they came onto State Highway One at Dashwood with 9 riders going clear. More pressure on the Weld Pass saw the front group reduced to 6 riders. The sprint to the line at Montana saw Conway Taylor take the stage from Heywood, Ray Dunstan, Clark, Catterick and Hawke. The sealed handicap went to Clark (3m) by just 2 seconds to Alan Milne (6m) and another 7 seconds to Martin Fletcher (6m).
The overall result was a good win to Heywood by 10 seconds to Catterick and another 3 seconds to Hawke in third place. The overall result on handicap went to Clark after his excellent ride in the final stage to stay with the front group. Craig was 45 seconds back in second place with kevin Bishell another 9 seconds back in third place.
Meanwhile, Paul Johnson took out the Masters 2 title over 25km, in 35m 55s, at the Canterbury open time trial championships in Christchurch last Saturday morning.
Open grade- 80km Montana-Medway two stage, Stage One 40km handicap, A Clark (off 4m) 1, J Kidd (off 4m) 2, D Craig (off 4m) 3, S Rooney (off 4m) 4, K Bishell (off 4m) 5, A Morgan (off 4m) 6, B Fraser (off 4m) 7, C Heywood (off scr) 8, J Hawke (off scr) 9, T Catterick (off scr) 10. Fastest time, C Heywood (scr) 1hr 05m 26s 1, J Hawke (scr) 1hr 05m 28s 2, T Catterick (scr) 1hr 05m 32s 3, R Dunstan (scr) 1hr 06m 47s 4, C Taylor (scr) 1hr 07m 13s 5. Stage Two 40km massed start, C Taylor 1hr 02m 32s 1, C Heywood 1hr 02m 33s 2, R Dunstan 1hr 02m 34s 3, A Clark 1hr 02m 35s 4, T Catterick 1hr 02m 37s 5, J Hawke 1hr 02m 44s 6, D Craig 1hr 03m 18s 7, K Bishell 1hr 03m 19s 8, G van Antwerpen 1hr 04m 15s 9, J Kidd 1hr 05m 09s 10. Sealed handicap, A Clark (3m) 59m 35s 1, A Milne (6m) 59m 37s 2, M Fletcher (6m) 59m 44s 3, D Craig (3m) 1hr 00m 18s 4, K Bishell (3m) 1hr 00m 19s 5.
Overall classification: C Heywood 2hr 07m 59s 1, T Catterick 2hr 08m 09s 2, J Hawke 2hr 08m 12s 3, R Dunstan 2hr 09m 21s 4, C Taylor 2hr 09m 45s 5, A Clarke 2hr 11m 28s 6, D Craig 2hr 12m 13s 7, K Bishell 2hr 12m 22s 8, J Kidd 2hr 14m 03s 9, S Rooney 2hr 14m 21s 10. Overall handicap, A Clark 1, D Craig at 45s 2, K Bishell at 54s 3, A Milne at 1m 59s 4, M Fletcher at 2m 15s 5, J Kidd at 2m 35s 6, S Rooney at 2m 53s 7, A Morgan at 3m 22s 8, B Fraser at 3m 23s 9, C Heywood at 3m 31s 10.