Lee Leads Curtis Piper Memorial

Junior under 19 rider Jono Lee was in good form to lead Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Curtis Piper Memorial 4 stage event after the first two stages at Renwick last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade first stage was a tough 5km hill time trial into the Delta Road off State Highway 63. Lee clocked 9m 23s to head off Conway Taylor (9m 30s), Josh Scott (9m 34s), Ray Dunstan (9m 53s), and Jamie Kidd (9m 55s). The sealed handicap was close with Bryan Streeter (2m) 9m 00s taking the win from Andrew Morgan (1m 30s) and Lee (20s) 9m 03s and Denis Church (4m) 9m 05s.
The second stage was a 63km massed start/sealed handicap event from the Grove Mill Winery to the Waihopai Dam and return. Riders struggled into a strong headwind on the outward journey with the field staying virtually intact. With the pace on around the turn four riders were dropped off leaving 12 in the main bunch. Dunstan produced a strong burst to hold off David Craig and Andrew Morgan by a bike length on the line. The sealed handicap went to Craig (3m) from co-markers Morgan and Todd Neal.
The overall lead after two stages sees Lee with a 7 second lead over Taylor with Dunstan at 23 seconds in third place. Morgan leads the handicap with 10 points from Streeter (8), Curch and Craig (6) and Lee (5).
The junior under 17 grade rode a 3.4km time trial for the first stage with Ethan Roachan easy winner recording 6m 45s. The minor placings went to Will Hart (7m 26s) and Nick Blakiston (7m 55s). The handicap section was won by Quin Karwowski by 13s to Blakiston and another 1 second to Hart. Stage two was a 27km massed start with Karwowski taking the sprint home from Blakiston and Daniel Cresswell. The sealed handicap went to Karwowski again Cresswell and Blakiston.
The overall lead sees Hart with a 26 second lead over Blakiston with Karwowski in third at 42 seconds.
The final two stages will be on Saturday from Forrest Estate.
Open grade- Curtis Piper Memorial 4 Stage, Stage 1 5km hill TT- J Lee 9m 23s 1, C Taylor 9m 30s 2, J Scott 9m 34s 3, R Dunstan 9m 53s 4, J Kidd 9m 55s 5, D Craig 10m 12s 6, A Morgan 10m 33s 7, G van Antwerpen 10m 35s 8, S Rooney 10m 40s 9, T Neal 10m 44s 10. Sealed handicap, B Streeter 6pt, A Morgan and J Lee 5pt, D Church 3pt, and S Rooney and J Kidd 2 pt. Stage 2 63km Massed start- R Dunstan 1hr 26m 52s 1, D Craig s.t. 2, A Morgan s.t. 3, J Lee s.t. 4. Sealed handicap, D Craig 6pt, A Morgan 5pt, T Neal 4pt, D Church 3pt, B Streeter 2pt, R Dunstan 1pt.
Junior under 17 grade- Stage 1 3.4km hill TT- E Roach 6m 45s 1, W Hart 7m 26s 2, N Blakiston 7m 55s 3, Q Karwowski 8m 12s 4, D Cresswell 8m 44s 5. Sealed handicap, Q Karwowski 6pt, N Blakiston 5pt, W Hart 4pt, D Cresswell 3pt, E Roach 2pt. Stage 2 27km massed start- Q Karwowski 59m 05s 1, N Blakiston 59m 06s 2, D Cresswell 59m 07s 3, W Hart 59m 09s 4. Sealed handicap, Q Karwowski 6pt, D Cresswell 5pt, N Blakiston 4pt, W Hart 3pt.