Consistent Craig Takes Curtis Piper Memorial 4 Stage

The final day of Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s winter road cycling season created some surprises as riders competed in the final two stages of the Curtis Piper Memorial two stage event.
Stage three of the open grade event started with a 4km time trial along Conders Bend Road and Bedford Road, Renwick. Unfortunately the wet weather and a spill of diesel on a corner saw 5 riders fall, including the leader on time Jono Lee. Chris Heywood won the stage in 5m 20s with Paul Johnson (crashed) and David Craig equal on 5m 42s. This gave Craig a 12s lead over Lee and 29s over Andrew Morgan going into the final stage. Bryan Streeter took the handicap from Morgan and Denis Church. The final stage was a 44km massed start event from the Waihopai Valley turnoff on State Highway 63 to Wairau Valley township and return. The event was ridden in a quick time of 66m 23s despite the heavy rain at times. With most of the field still intact Marty Bruce won the final sprint from Ethan Roach and Heywood. The handicap again went to Streeter from Stephen Rooney and Church.
The overall result saw Craig take the Curtis Piper Memorial Cup by 29s over Morgan with Todd Neal third at 2m 32s. the overall handicap went to Streeter (20pt) from Morgan (16pt) and Church (14pt).
The junior under 17 grade also started with the 4km time trial. Ethan Roach (5m 30s) set the fastest time over Will Hart (6m 16s) and Quin Karwowski (6m 28s). The handicap went to Daniel Cresswell from Karwowski and Hart. The final stage was a 20km massed start on the open course. Hart won the stage by sprinting in Karwowski and Nathan McIntyre. The handicap was again won by Cresswell from Karwowski and Hart.
The overall result saw Hart take the honours by 55s to Karwowski and Cresswell at 1m 59s in third place.
Open grade- Curtis Piper Memorial 4 stage, Stage 3 4km time trial, C Heywood 5m 20s 1, P Johnson and D Craig 5m 42s 2 equal, A Morgan 5m 50s 4, B Streeter 5m 52s 5. Handicap, B Streeter 1, A Morgan 2, D Church 3, D Craig 4, W Smith 5. Stage 4 44km massed start, M Bruce 66m 23s 1, E Roach s.t. 2, C Heywood s.t 3, T Neal s.t. 4, D Craig s.t. 5. Overall classification, D Craig 2hr 49m 09s 1, A Morgan 2hr 49m 38s 2, T Neal 2hr 51m 37s 3, S Rooney 2hr 52m 58s 4, B Streeter 2hr 53m 09s 5. Handicap, B Streeter 20pt 1, A Morgan 16pt 2, D Church 14pt 3, A Morgan 11pt 4, S Rooney 8pt 5.
Junior under 17 grade- 4 stage event, Stage 3 4km time trial, E Roach 5m 30s 1, W Hart 6m 16s 2, Q Karwowski 6m 28s 3. Handicap, D Cresswell 1, Q Karwowski 2, W Hart 3. Stage 4, 20km massed start, W Hart 35m 39s 1, Q Karwowski 35m 40s 2, N McIntyre 35m 42s 3. Handicap, D Cresswell 1, Q Karwowski 2, W Hart 3. Overall classification, W Hart 1hr 48m 30s 1, Q Karwowski 1hr 49m 25s 2, D Cresswell 1hr 50m 29s 3. Handicap, Q Karwowski 22pt 1, D Cresswell 20pt 2, W Hart 15pt 3.