Close Racing On Track

Good numbers provided some close results in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s track racing at Athletic Park on Monday evening.
The open grade saw Jono Lee dominant with wins in the 500m time trial and the Points Race. Gerard van Antwerpen won the 1000m scratch and was second in the points race whilst Craig Murphy scored second placings in the 500m time trial and 1000m scratch. It was also good to see Andrew Curnow and Warren Hall back on the track with athird placing each.
The junior under 17 grade saw Callum Saunders take wins in the 500m time trial and 1000m scratch whilst placings were shared around between Will Hart, Nick Blakiston and Quinn Karwowski.
Open grade- 1000m scratch, G van Antwerpen 1, C Murphy 2, W Hall 3, 1m 25.34s. 500m time trial, J Lee 41.38s 1, C Murphy 41.51s 2, A Curnow 41.55s 3. points Race, J Lee 13pt 1, G van Antwerpen 11pt 2, W Hart 3pt 3.
junior under 17 grade- 1000m scratch, C Saunders 1, N Blakiston 2, W Hart 3. 500m time trial, C Saunders 43.47s 1, Q karwowski 44.94s 2, W Hart 45.08s 3.