Lee Dominates Track

Jono Lee carried on his dominance in the open grade track riding at Athletic Park last Monday evening with first placings in the ‘miss and out’, 1000m scratch, and 8000 scratch events. Warren Hall won the 500m handicap event. Other prominent riders on the night were Kevin Bishell with a second and 2 third placings and Graham Henderson with a second and a third placing. The junior under 17 grade events saw Saunders score wins in the 500m time trial and 1000m scratch whilst Quinn Karwowski won a good ‘miss and out’ event. Will Hart and Nick Blakiston took a second and a third placing each.

Results: Open grade, ‘miss and out’, J Lee 1, K Bishell 2, G Henderson 3. 500m hcp, W Hall (50m) 1, W Smith (40m) 2, J Lee (scr) 3. 1000m R/S, J Lee 1, G Henderson 2, K Bishell 3, 1m 25s. 8000 R/S, J Lee 1, G van Antwerpen 2, K Bishell 3, 12m 35s. Junior under 17 grade, ‘miss and out’ Q Karwowski 1, W Hart 2, N Blakiston 3. 500m time trial, C Saunders 40.40s 1, Q Karwowski 42.74s 2, H Smith 45.30s 3. 1000m R/S, C Saunders 1, N Blakiston 2, W Hart 3, 1m 35s.