Windy Conditions For Graded Events

Windy conditions was a big factor in the final results of Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s graded racing at Fairhall last wednesday evening.
The ‘A’ grade 41km event started at Wither Hills Winery and covered 4 laps of the Benmorven circuit before finishing up the Ridge Resort hill. The front group whittled down to 5 riders into the finish with Brendan Neylon taking line honours from Conway Taylor, Gerard van Antwerpen, Ethan Roach and Richard Anderson. The ‘B’ grade 32km event covered 3 laps of Benmorven with the front group breaking up in the final stages. Andrew Curnow rocketed up the final climb to finish 51 seconds clear of Martin Fletcher and Brent Ackroyd. The’C’ grade also covered 3 laps with Roger Golding taking victory by 8 seconds to Joe Blakiston with Stuart Curnow another minute down in third place.

Road- A grade 41km, B Neylon 63m 03s 1, C Taylor 63m 04s 2, G van Antwerpen 63m 07s 3, E Roach 63m 14s 4, R Anderson 63m 15s 5. B grade 32km, A Curnow 54m 21s 1, M Fletcher 55m 12s 2, B Ackroyd 55m 16s 3, M Bruce 55m 29s 4, W Hart 55m 58s 5. C grade 32km, R Golding 66m 00s 1, J Blakiston 66m 08s 2, S Curnow 67m 09s 3, D Church 71m 21s 4, J Fry 73m 01s 5.