Van Antwerpen Third Consecutive Squire Cup Win

Gerard van Antwerpen took his third consecutive fastest time and the Ray Squire Memorial Cup in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Troubador Trophy event at Rapaura last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 70km massed start event six times around the lower Rapaura circuit drew a small field in the hot conditions. After pressure by Van Antwerpen in lap three the front group whittled down to five riders. Van Antwerpen made his final break in the final lap for a comfortable win by 16 seconds. The sprint for the minor placings went to Antony Clark from Stephen Rooney, Grant Ludemann and visiting rider Adam Tyney. The sealed handicap Trobador Trophy went to Warren Hall (off 15m) from Craig Murphy (10m) and Clark (1m 30s) in third place. Hall had last won this Trophy in 1983 and 1984.
The junior under 17 grade saw Will Hart make the decisive break on lap two of their 3 lap event. Hart went away for fastest time honours by 1m 02s at the finish. The minor placings were taken by Nick Blakiston, Nathan McIntyre and Daniel Cresswell. McIntyre took the sealed handicap for the Troubador Trophy from Cresswell and Hart.
Open grade, Troubador Trophy/Squire Cup 70km, G van Antwerpen 1hr 49m 37s 1, A Clark 1hr 49m 53s 2, S Rooney 1hr 49m 55s 3, G Ludemann 1hr 49m 57s 4, A Tyney 1hr 49m 58s 5. Sealed handicap, W Hall (15m) 1hr 40m 19s 1, C Murphy (10m) 1hr 45m 13s 2, A Clark (1m 30s) 1hr 48m 23s 3, S Rooney (1m 30s) 1hr 48m 25s 4, G Ludemann (1m 30s) 1hr 48m 27s 5.
Junior under 17 grade, Troubador Trophy 35km, W Hart 1hr 01m 24s 1, N Blakiston 1hr 02m 26s 2, N McIntyre s.t 3. Sealed handicap, N McIntyre (5m) 59m 26s 1, D Cresswell (5m) s.t. 2, W Hart (scr) 1hr 01m 24s 3.