Tyney Leads Locals

Visiting rider Adam Tyney holds a small advantage over the local field after the first two stages of Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Curtis Piper Memorial 4 stage event at Renwick last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade event commenced with a 4km prologue time trial along Conders bend Road and Bedford Road. Craig Murphy and Tyney both recorded 5m 18s to lead with Max Pendleton (5m 23s), Antony Clark (5m 31s and Grant Ludemann (5m 31s) in the minor placings. Murphy headed the handicap section from Mike Murphy and Mike McManaway.
Stage two covered a 63km massed start event from Grove Mill Winery up the Waihopai Valley to just beyond the Waihopai Dam and return. Seven riders remained in the front group for the sprint home with Pendleton heading Clark and Mike Murphy at the line. The handicap section saw McManaway take the points from Mary Lister and Mike Murphy.
The final two stages next Saturday has Tyney with a 5 second advantage over Pendleton with Clark and Ludemann another 8 seconds back at third equal.
The junior under 17 grade sees Will Hart leading by 17 seconds over Nick Blakiston with reverse placings in the handicap section.
Open grade- Curtis Piper Memorial 4 stage, Stage One 4km TT, C Murphy and A Tyney 5m 18s 1 equal, M Pendleton 5m 23s 3, A Clark and G Ludemann 5m 31s 4 equal, M Murphy 5m 36s 6, A Milne 5m 38s 7, W Smith 5m 39s 8. Sealed handicap, C Murphy 6pt 1, M Murphy 5pt 2, M McManaway and M Pendleton 4pt 3 equal. Stage Two 63km, M Pendleton 1hr 39m 48s 1, A Clark s.t. 2, M Murphy s.t. 3, G Ludemann s.t. 4, A Tyney s.t. 5. Sealed handicap, M McManaway 6pt 1, M Lister 5pt 2, M Murphy 4pt 3. Overall classification, A Tyney 1hr 45m 06s 1, M Pendleton at 5s 2, A Clark and G Ludemann at 13s 3 equal, M Murphy at 18s 5. Sealed handicap, M McManaway 10pt 1, M Murphy 9pt 2, C Murphy 6pt 3.
Junior under 17 grade- 4 Stage, Stage One 4km TT, W Hart 5m 17s 1, N Blakiston 5m 34s 2, N McIntyre 5m 46s 3. Sealed handicap, N McIntyre 6pt 1, N Blakiston 5pt 2, W Hart 4pt 3. Stage two 28km, W Hart 55m 21s 1, N Blakiston s.t. 2. Sealed handicap, N Blakiston 6pt 1, w Hart 5pt 2. Overall classification, W Hart 1hr 0m 38s 1, N Blakiston at 17s 2. Sealed handicap, N Blakiston 11pt 1, W Hart 9pt 2.