Hawke Climbs To Whatamango Victory

Junior under 19 rider Jamie Hawke cemented his victory on the climb up the Whatamango hill in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Whatamango 3 stage event last Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 64km event started off with a 27km massed start stage to Picton from Blenheim. The majority of the field stayed together with 11 riders contesting the sprint even after the climb over the Elevation hill. Gerard van Antwerpen produced a powerful sprint to head off Todd Neal and Andrew Jamieson at the line. The sealed handicap section was won by Wayne Smith from Craig Murphy and Neal.
Stage 2 was a 10km time trial from Waikawa to the top of the gruelling climb up the Whatamango hill which looks over Port Underwood. Hawke rode up the hill with ease in the hot conditions to record a time of 26m 37s. The minor placings were filled by Jamieson (27m 27s) and Paul Newman (27m 40s). The sealed handicap went to Newman from Hawke and Smith. 
The final 27km stage back to Blenheim saw an early battle for sprint bonus seconds between Jamieson and Newman whilst Hawke just looked after his 50s lead. The sprint home saw Van Antwerpen take the stage win from Jamieson with 5 seconds back to Brent Ackroyd, Antony Clark and Ray Dunstan. The sealed handicap went to Murphy from Smith and Ackroyd.
The overall result saw Hawke take the fastest time trophy by 25s to Jamieson with another 28s back to Newman in third place. The handicap trophy went to the consistent Smith on 15pt from Murphy 11pt and Neal 7pt.
The junior under 17 grade raced over 2 stages to Picton and return for the Redwood Fisheries Cup which to handicap winner Sam Thomas on just his second ride. Will Hart took the fastest time honours.
Open grade- Whatamango 3 stage event, Stage One 27km massed start, G van Antwerpen 41m 25s 1, T Neal s.t. 2, A Jamieson s.t. 3, R Dunstan s.t. 4, A Clark s.t 5, P Newman s.t. 6, W Smith s.t. 7, G Ludemann s.t. 8, B Ackroyd s.t. 9, J Hawke s.t. 10. Sealed handicap, W Smith 6pt, C Murphy 5pt, T Neal 4pt, D Church 3pt, G Ludemann 2pt, A Clark 1pt. Stage Two 10km hill time trial, J Hawke 26m 37s 1, A Jamieson 27m 27s 2, P Newman 27m 40s 3, R Dunstan 29m 06s 4, B Ackroyd 29m 40s 5, A Clark 29m 54s 6, T Neal 30m 17s 7, G Ludemann 30m 22s 8, W Smith 30m 24s 9, G van Antwerpen 30m 45s 10. Sealed handicap, P Newman 6pt, j Hawke 5pt, W Smith 4pt, A Jamieson 3pt, M Murphy 2pt, T Neal 1pt. Stage Three 27km massed start, G van Antwerpen 36m 41s 1, A Jamieson s.t. 2, B Ackroyd 36m 46s 3, A Clark s.t. 4, R Dunstan s.t. 5, C Murphy s.t. 6, T Neal s.t. 7, G Ludemann s.t. 8, P Newman s.t. 9, J Hawke s.t. 10.Sealed handicap, C Murphy 6pt, W Smith 5pt, B Ackroyd 4pt, A Clark 2pt, G Ludemann 1pt. Overall Classification, J Hawke 1hr 44m 48s 1, A Jamieson at 25s 2, P Newman at 53s 3, R Dunstan at 2m 18s 4, B Ackroyd at 2m 59s 5, A Clark at 3m 15s 6, T Neal at 3m 34s 7, G Ludemann at 3m 45s 8, W Smith at 3m 47s 9, G van Antwerpen at 3m 55s 10.
Junior under 17 grade- Redwood Fisheries 2 stage event, Stage One 27km massed start, W Hart 48m 45s 1, S Thomas 60m 39s 2. Sealed handicap, W Hart 6pt, S Thomas 5pt. Stage Two 27km massed start, W Hart 41m 25s 1, S Taylor 46m 51s 2. Sealed handicap, S Taylor 6pt, W Hart 5pt. Overall Classification, W Hart 1hr 30m 10s 1, S Taylor at 17m 20s 2. Sealed handicap, S Taylor 11pt 1, W Hart 11pt 2.