Roach Takes Tough Medway Two Stage

Junior under 19 rider Ethan Roach showed good form to head off his rivals for victory in cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Montana/Medway 2 stage event on Saturday afternoon.
The first 42km handicap stage saw the riders cover a course from Montana Wines over the Weld and Dashwood Pass climbs and then into a head wind up the Awatere Valley finishing on the steep Medway hill. As the race progressed the wind took it’s toll on the middle to front markers with scratch markers Roach and Andrew Jamieson hitting the front of the field with approximately 5km to go. The sharp climb to the finish line saw Roach take a 4 second advantage over Jamieson with another 2 seconds back to Grant Ludemann (off 3m) in third place.
Stage two, a 40km massed start, set off with a good pace back down the valley with the front group down to five after the first climb. This group then encounteredstrong head winds back over the hills on State Highway One. Gerard van Antwerpen broke clear in the latter stages for a comfortable win, 19 seconds ahead of Roach, Jamieson, Ludemann and Mike Murphy. The sealed handicap was won by Murphy from Ludemann and van Antwerpen.
the overall classification saw Roach the victor by 4 seconds to Jamieson with 3m 02 seconds back to Ludemann in third place. The overall handicap  result went to Murphy by 1m 44s to Ludemann with another 1m 54s to Roach in third place.
Open grade- Montana/Medway 2 Stage, Stage One 42km hcp, E Roach (scr) 1, A Jamieson (scr) 2, G Ludemann (3m) 3, M Murphy (7m) 4, R Hill (11m) 5. Fastest time, E Roach (scr) 67m 45s 1, A Jamieson (scr) 67m 49s 2, G Ludemann (3m) 70m 51s 3. Stage Two 40km massed start, G van Antwerpen 70m 38s 1, E Roach 70m 57s 2, A Jamieson s.t. 3, G Ludemann s.t. 4, M Murphy s.t. 5. Sealed hcp, M Murphy (4m) 66m 57s 1, G Ludemann (2m) 68m 57s 2, G van Antwerpen (scr) 70m 38s 3. Overall Classification, E Roach 2hr 18m 42s 1, A Jamieson at 4s 2, G Ludemann at 3m 06s 3, G van Antwerpen at 5m 24s 4, M Murphy at 7m 22s 5.
Handicap, M Murphy 2hr 29m 04s 1, G Ludemann at 1m 44s 2, E Roach at 3m 38s 3, A Jamieson at 3m 42s 4, G van Antwerpen at 9m 02s 5.