Underdogs Lee And Catterick Take TT’s

Junior under 19 rider Jono Lee was in good consistent form when he took the fastest time in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Vincent Cup time trial event at Renwick on Saturday afternoon.
The open grade 40km event was ridden in cool conditions on the Waihopai course from Grove Mill Winery to just above Craig Lochart and return. At the turn Lee held a 1m 05s advantage over the favorite Conway Taylor whilst the battle for third place saw Ryan Lock 4 seconds up on Gerard van Antwerpen. Lee recorded 59m 11s to take the trophy with Taylor (59m 43s) steaming home for second place, picking up 33 seconds in the last 10km. Van Antwerpen (62m 37s) came home strong to take third place from Lock (63m 19s). The Verhey Cup for the sealed handicap was won by Lisa McManaway (23m) by 30 seconds to Glen Bateman (15m) and another 1m 01s to Lock (6m 30s) in third place.
The junior under 17 grade competed in a 16km time trial from Grove Mill Winery to the Spy Base and return. Up and coming rider Brodie Catterick (25m 47s) upstaged the favourite Callum Saunders (25m 54s) in a close encounter. Will Hart (27m 22s) took the third fastest time. The sealed handicap was close with Hart (2m) winning by 7 seconds to Nick Blakiston (2m 30s) and just another 3 seconds back to Catterick (15s) in third place.
Open grade- Vincent Cup/Verhey Cup 40km time trial, J Lee 59m 11s 1, C Taylor 59m 43s 2, G van Antwerpen 62m 37s 3, R Lock 63m 19s 4, B Ackroyd 65m 15s 5, A Clark 67m 16s 6, M Fletcher 68m 03s 7, L Griggs 69m 42s 8, M Murphy 70m 08s 9, G Bateman 70m 48s 10. Sealed handicap, L McManaway (23m) 55m 18s 1, G Bateman (15m) 55m 48s 2, R Lock (6m 30s) 56m 49s 3, G van Antwerpen (5m) 57m 37s 4, J Lee (scr) 57m 41s 5.
Junior under 17 grade- 16km time trial, B Catterick 25m 47s 1, C Saunders 25m 54s 2, W Hart 27m 22s 3, N Blakiston 27m 59s 4, L Landon-Lane 28m 40s 5. Sealed handicap, W Hart (2m) 25m 22s 1, N Blakiston (2m 30s) 25m 29s 2, B Catterick (15s) 25m 32s 3, C Saunders (scr) 25m 54s 4, L Landon-Lane (2m 30s) 26m 10s 5.