Controversial Finish In David Duff Memorial Leads To Disqualifications

Brent Harris took victory in Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s David Duff Memorial Trophy event, last Saturday afternoon, after a rather controversial finish.
The open grade 56km massed start event started and finished at Fairhall hall, taking in 4 laps of the large Hawkesbury circuit. The large field got away to a fast start with the riders breaking up into 3 main groups within the first 10kms. Each group remained reasonably intact throughout the event with 9 riders in the front group lining up to take the fastest time trophy and medals. The finishing sprint came into some dispute when several riders committed a traffic infringement. The result of the dispute committee was clear with the first five placed riders disqualified. Harris took the Trophy and gold medal, with Tony Catterick and Mike Murphy taking the minor placings.
The sealed handicap gold medal easily went to Denis Church (27m) who had a great ride to stay with the third bunch until the last few kilometres. Mike Murphy (3m) was second with Lisa McManaway (18m) in third place.
The junior under 17 grade rode over 26km for the Newport Trophy, covering two laps of the small Hawkesbury circuit. Five riders formed in the front group with Callum Saunders retaining the trophy. Nick Blakiston was rewarded with a good second placing after he almost snatched the win but was taken at the post. Quinn Karwowski took third place. The sealed handicap went to Blakiston (2m) from Karwowski (1m 30s) and Leatham Landon-Lane (1m 30s) respectively.
Open grade- David Duff Memorial Trophy 56km massed start, B Harris 1hr 26m 27s 1, T Catterick s.t. 2, M Murphy s.t. 3, J Scott s.t. 4, M McManaway 1hr 33m 40s 5, C Murphy s.t. 6, L Griggs s.t. 7, G Murray s.t. 8, R Murphy s.t. 9, M Bruce s.t. 10. Sealed handicap, D Church (27m) 1hr 16m 57s 1, M Murphy (3m) 1hr 23m 39s 2, L McManaway (18m) 1hr 24m 33s 3, M McManaway (8m) 1hr 25m 40s 4, R Murphy (8m) s.t.5, B Harris (30s) 1hr 25m 57s 6, J Scott (30s) 1hr 26m 09s 7, T Catterick (scr) 1hr 26m 27s 8, B Verhoef (14m) 1hr 27m 34s 9, W Hall (14m) 1hr 28m 33s 10.
Junior under 17 grade- Newport Trophy 26km massed start, C Saunders 40m 10s 1, N Blakiston s.t. 2, Q Karwowski s.t. 3, L Landon-Lane s.t. 4, B Catterick 40m 18s 5. Sealed handicap, N Blakiston (2m) 38m 10s 1, Q Karwowski (1m 30s) 38m 40s 2, L Landon-Lane (1m 30s) s.t. 3, C Saunders (scr) 40m 10s 4, B Catterick (scr) 40m 18s 5.