Van Antwerpen Consistent

Gerard van Antwerpen was the most consistent rider with two wins and a second placing at Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s track meeting at Athletic Park on Monday evening.
Van Antwerpen started off the evening with a win in the 1000m rolling start event and also finished on a high note with a ride away in the 8000m event. Ray Dunstan won the 8 lap handicap event off the scratch mark and also took a second place in the 8000m. Jamie Kidd was also cosistent with a second, third and fourth placing.
Open grade- 1000m R/S, G van Antwerpen 1, J Kidd 2, W Hall 3, 1m 18.30s. 8 lap hcp, R Dunstan 1, G van Antwerpen 2, M Straker 3, 5m 03s. Italian pursuit, R Dunstan, J Kidd, W Hall, 1m 50.29s 1, G van Antwerpen, C Murphy, M Straker, 1m 52.39s 2. 8000m R/S, G van Antwerpen 1, R Dunstan 2, J Kidd 3, 11m 59s.