Taylor Takes First Stage Race

Conway Taylor was the victor in the first of Cuddon Cycling Marlborough’s Cycle World series stage races last week at Fairhall.
The first 6km massed start stage started at Wither Hills Winery on New Renwick Road and covered a course over Paynters Road, Benmorven road and finishing up the steep Benmorven Lane. Nine riders were clear of the rest of the field as they hit the hill finish. Jono Lee took the stage in a close finish from Taylor and Lee Griggs, all recording the same time. Stage two over 10km was around the rest of the Benmorven circuit, back into New Renwick Road, the Ridge Resort hill climb and then the hill finish into Fairbourne Drive. Approximately a dozen riders went clear and the big split up happened on the Ridge climb. Another close finish occured with a second win to Lee over junior under 17 rider Callum Saunders and Taylor. The 9km final stage from Fairbourne Drive up to Godfreys Road and return to the Wither Hills Winery was going to be close with Lee and Taylor on the same time. Ten riders formed the front group with seven contesting the final sprint. Saunders took the stage from Quinn Karwowski and Gerard van Antwerpen. The overall victory went to Taylor who was 4th on the final stage from Lee (6th) with Saunders 2 seconds back in third place. The sealed handicap section over the three stages went to Griggs (2m) by just 3 seconds to Nick Blakiston (3m) and another 9 seconds back to Brent Ackroyd (1m 30s) and Joe Blackiston (6m) on third equal.
Cycle World Series, Stage Race No1- Stage One (6km), J Lee 9m 00s 1, C Taylor s.t 2, L Griggs s.t. 3, C Saunders 9m 02s 4, B Ackroyd s.t. 5. Stage Two (10km), J Lee 15m 19s 1, C Saunders s.t. 2, C Taylor s.t. 3, G van Antwerpen 15m 27s 4, B Ackroyd 15m 33s 5. Stage Three (9km), C Saunders 14m 36s 1, Q Karwowski s.t. 2, G van Antwerpen s.t 3, C Taylor s.t. 4, B Ackroyd s.t. 5. Overall classification, C Taylor 38m 55s 1, J Lee s.t. 2, C Saunders 38m 57s 3, G van Antwerpen 39m 11s 4, B Ackroyd s.t. 5, Q Karwowski 39m 26s 6, L Griggs 39m 29s 7, K Bishell 39m 36s 8, G Herkt 40m 25s 9, N Blakiston 40m 32s 10. Overall handicap, L Griggs (2m) 37m 29s 1, N Blakiston (3m) 37m 32s 2, B Ackroyd (1m 30s) and J Blakiston (6m) 37m 41s 3 equal, C Saunders (1m) 37m 57s 5, G Herkt (2m) 38m 25s 6, Q Karwowski (1m) 38m 26s 7, K Bishell (1m) 38m 36s 8, J J Payne (5m) 38m 50s 9, S Curnow (10m) 38m 53s 10.